Bearcats Breakfast 12.24.10

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Normally, I would post a Morning After blog regarding the win against St. Francis. But seeing as how the nuns currently teaching at St. Francis could have stayed within striking distance of the Red Flash, I'll just hit the high points in Breakfast fashion.

Not that the win wasn't a fun final game for the Bearcats before Big East play begins on Tuesday, as I pointed out in last night's postgame column. The question becomes: Is this team ready?

Inevitably, the answer is yes. Or at least as ready as they are going to be. This team is so anxious to prove themselves, it's hard to imagine anything but a fast start in the Big East. With cellar-dwelling DePaul coming in for Game 1, that one could end up like many of the games in December were at 5/3 Arena.

--- Dan Hoard wrote about Mick Cronin's decision to start his five backups on Thursday night. It served as a reward to those guys for practicing and playing hard to finally hear their names called during pregrame introductions.

The starters gladly moved aside and the players appreciated the gesture.

The smile on Larry Davis' face discussing it in the postgame proved that it meant something.

"It was kind of fun," Davis said. "He told us in practice today in walkthrough, he said we have been playing hard in practice, working hard and could get a start."

--- Cashmere Wright only played three minutes (with 6 points, 3 steals and and an assist) after his shoulder popped out of the socket on Thursday. It's been an ongoing issue with Cashmere all season. Sometimes he does it in practice and keeps right on going. But against St. Francis, there was no need to press his luck.

Cronin said he is OK and will be good to go against DePaul.

"It's just something we are going to have to deal with all year," he said.

--- When I asked him if Dion Dixon or JaQuon Parker would take over if Wright were to go down in a game, he said the first move would be for Dixon to run point.

Cronin said Dixon plays point guard in practice a lot.  

"Because you get your better players on the floor and right now you insert either Larry or SK, the way they are playing,to probably get your best five," Cronin said. "That's a luxury to have. But I will take a little bit away from Dion's scoring, that's something let's hope we don't have to deal with."

--- Tis the season and Scott Springer rings in some Bearcats Christmas Cheer.

--- Nice game from LDavis last night -- 18 points, 4 of 7 shooting from 3-point range. He really has been playing well of late. Considering the defense he provides off the bench, if he can consistently provide even half the offense he did Thursday, this team will go a long way.

-- LD is more than just a basketball player, he steps into the role of TV host as he tours the Bearcats locker room finding out what everybody wants for Christmas. (Spoiler Alert: Darnell Wilks wants some hair for his bald spot)

Must-see TV.

--- Holy goodness Georgetown is scary this season. They went into Memhpis and terrorized the Tigers last night, 86-69. The Big East looks tougher and tougher every day.

Fortunately, the Cats don't have to worry about the Hoyas until Feb. 23. Unfortunately, then they play them twice in two weeks.

--- Quick peak ahead to DePaul (6-6): They have won three in a row, however already own loses to Cal-St. Northridge, Western Carolina, Indiana State (by 22!) and Ball State.

--- The Bearcats have as good of team chemistry as you can hope for this season. Mississippi State, not so much. Yeah, fighting your teammates in the stands is not a good idea, Renardo Sidney.

--- If you haven't bookmarked Matt Norlander's new blog at (Norlander previously ran College Hoops Journal) you need to do so now.

Plus, you need to read his piece on UC and Mick Cronin. Nothing ground-breaking, but a nice look at the current state of the program.

--- I owe a big thanks to Mo Egger for (accepting my bribe) and naming this the Best New Sports Blog in his his year end awards. I'm not sure who I was in competition with, but I'll take it. Mo's been a huge help and of great support ever since my days at CNati and he's a loyal NY Knicks/Mets fan, so he needs to hear all the kind words he can.

Of course, you could be a Wizards fan...

--- How about some randomness...

--- You know I love the viral videos and this Videogum Retrospective of the best viral videos of 2010 is a dandy. We are some messed up people.   

--- I think Marcus Jordan leading UCF into the Top 25 is one of the coolest storylines of the season thus far.

--- A heart-warming holiday story from Definitely worth a read.

--- Of course, this will be the last post before Christmas, so I want to wish everybody a Happy Holiday no matter what you celebrate. Especially those of you that celebrate Festivus because you find tinsel distracting.

Be careful getting the pole out of the crawl space.


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