Bearcats Breakfast 12.23.10

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I spent a piece of my day yesterday watching the Charlie Coles press conference again, this time thanks to the video posted by the good folks at BearcatLair. Much of what makes Charlie great isn't what he says, but how he says. Case in point, watch the final three minutes of the video and how he reacts when he pretends not to recognize the young Miami sports information representative there to conclude his presser.

Maybe it's something only a sports writer who has wasted countless hours of his life sitting in boring, sometimes vomit-inducing press conferences can understand. But it makes me laugh, so I'm posting it.

That's enough, let's eat

 --- UC hosts St. Francis (Pa) tonight. It's the final cupcake of the year. For those of you complaining about all the weak opponents, you might be yearning to see St. Francis walk into the gym 45 days from now because, as the kids like to say, it's about to get real.

--- TV will be FoxSportsOhio and radio on 700WLW.

--- The radio call will as always be with Dan Hoard and Chuck Machock. Dan posted a post-Miami column yesterday about the giant chip on the shoulder of the UC team right now. Mick Cronin admitted to Dan in the postgame Monday that this team is playing hungry. The disrespect really has them playing with anger.

I loved this quote from Cronin in regards to the lack of respect his team has received: 

"Do me a favor and don't tell my guys they're any good because they're irritated and I like them that way," Mick told me after Tuesday's 64-48 win at Miami. "Keep us out of the polls and don't pat 'em on the back because right now they're hungry. We have a saying in our locker room that, 'The hungry dog gets the bone.' That's the law of the alley."

--- Dayton won at Seton Hall on Wednesday night. They overcame a 14-point halftime deficit to do so.

The win was positive for the Bearcats. The better UD plays, the better UC's domination of them looks. As long as UC can handle business against Seton Hall on NYE, it looks even better.

UD doens't have any more big-time non-conference games left, but they are still 10-3  and that's good for the most wins in the A-10 right now. They should be in the top three or four of that conference. By the time the resume is analyzed come March, UC's win against Dayton will likely earn them points with the committee.

--- Even better news to come out of that game: Seton Hall has issues right now. They are really struggling to find consistent play without Jeremy Hazell.

As  Brendan Prunty, of points out, they need to get their act together. UC might be catching them at the perfect time.

--- Back to the hometown team, the other news to come out of the win at Miami was the ticket fiasco that occurred at the gate.

Mick Cronin was none too happy with the policy.

I have no problem with selling ticket packages -- Miami made you buy a ticket to either the Ball State or Western Michigan game with a UC purchase. However, sell them in advance. When it comes to walk-up sales day of the game, you can't still be charging people double the price at the door. It was a clear scam to screw UC fans and it's understandable why Cronin was upset.

--- Bill Koch writes about the emergence of Dion Dixon. Dixon pointed out on his Twitter last night that he enjoys reading the negative stories about himself rather than the good ones, to keep him working harder. If he keeps playing like he is, he may want to find a new form of motivation.   

---  A total of 19 teams from Big-Six conferences lost on Tuesday and Wednesday combined. That includes South Carolina losing by 16 to Furman and LSU losing by 20 to North Texas. Virginia lost at home to 4-10 Seattle.

But, yeah, UC deserves no credit for reeling off 11 in a row. (I will continue to do this until the Bearcats land in the Top 25, lose a game or major teams stop losing to cupcakes, whichever comes first)

--- How about some randomness...

--- Since I gave an ode to Charlie's presser at the top, I will give you this dandy from the other side of the coin. Frank Martin is pissed. I particularly enjoyed the final 20 seconds.  

--- The Daily Dose of Dana: Dana O'Neil with a fantastic story about the Presbyterian basketball program.  

--- It's all happening. The Jersey Shore spin-offs are beginning. Before you know it, we'll be watching "Grenades of Love."    

--- I'm a big fan of Jeff Pearlman's blog -- and his books for that matter. He posted a random memory that is one of my favorite and earliest sports moments of all time. Tyson v. Spinks.  

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