Bearcats Breakfast 12.27.10

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I hope everyone enjoyed a Merry Christmas and has new pairs of socks and ties to show off throughout the week.

For me, a trip to Olive Garden to wear out their bottomless salad and breadsticks with my gift certificate is on the horizon.

A close second in anticipation this week is all eyes now point to the opening of Big East play on Tuesday. UC eases into the Big East schedule with DePaul (lost to Cal-St. Northridge) and Seton Hall (lost to UD and blew a late lead against Richmond), both among the bottom four in the league and the Blue Demons owning a stranglehold on the cellar.

Let's eat....

--- Seton Hall held out hope Jeremy Hazell would return and breathe some energy into them, but that's looking even more unlikely now after he was shot and mugged this weekend. Hazell has been bombarded with bad luck this season. The good news is it appears he is going to be fine. But signs are pointing more and more toward a reshirt year.

--- Reminder to be a part of the Struggle for the Steak contest. There's some serious prizes to the winners. Last year's winner, Larry Crawford, won a $500 gift certificate to Montgomery Inn, Skyline, LaRosa's, Graeters and a Bearcats Gear package.

You just need to get your DePaul score in before the tip. Here's the link to sign up. Plus, if you win there will be a dinner with Dan Hoard --- ask him his feelings on the McRib.

--- Speaking of The Voice, he flashed us back to his days at Fox19 by sitting down with Brian Giesenschlag to reunite The Bald Guys. They talk UC hoops and Dan breaks down all the angles of the final two and a half months of the season.

If I was a part of this bald guys group, I might actually have the most hair. I have no doubt that will be the only time I could say that the rest of my life.

--- Bill Koch answers 10 questions about the Bearcats as they open Big East play on Tuesday. Not shockingly, he's spot on. 

--- If you want to know anything and everything about the rest of the Big East this season, pop on over to the BearcatsBlog where they broke down every team thanks to the stat monster that is Ken Pomeroy. Add in some astute observations and you have a UC must-read before they open Big East play.

--- UConn vs. Pitt. Big East opener. Tonight. Man, I love Big East basketball.

--- UC won't have to worry about facing top freshman big man Kadeem Jack, of Rutgers, this year. Jack will be redshirted this season after enrolling early, according to Mike Rice.

-- Gary Parrish has six Big East teams in the top 14. This is going to be brutal.    

--- A quick football interlude as Sporting News took a peak into the prospects of Butch Jones' team during the offseason.

--- On to some randomness...

--- When I was in grade school and didn't know the answer, I always tried to at least make the teacher laugh with a smart-ass comment. I was far from alone.

--- Not sure what I think of the first piece from OnionSportsDome, but the photos of Rodney Harrison made me laugh.

--- Here's the Top 10 sports videos of the year. The reactions of fans watching Landon Donovan's goal still gives me chills.

--- Hugh Hefner, 84, got engaged to Crystal Harris, 24, this weekend. Patton Oswalt wins the award for funniest tweet about this:

RT @pattonoswalt: Hope when I turn 60 I can think, quietly, "My wife is being born somewhere." #hefner 

--- As per tradition spent two hours watching A Christmas Story this weekend. There are so many quality one-liners it's hard to only pick one, so here's a compliation.

I've always been partial to, "Only one thing could pull me away from the soft glow of electric sex in the window...."

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