Bearcats Breakfast 12.29.10

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Mega-intern Will Frasure stepped in for me today with the Bearcats Breakfast. He's been a superstar -- as most of us Ohio Bobcats are -- this month in helping out and has a bright future once he joins the rest of us that hate getting up and going to work every day. A big thanks to him and here's his Breakfast.


What's up Bearcat fans. Will Frasure here to substitute in for Paul as he takes the morning off to sleep in or something. I don't know, I just do what he asks. But I'll try to make the most of the substitution, ala Larry Davis last night.


-          It's about 12 hours since Cincinnati dismantled DePaul in the Bearcats first Big East game. I'd say Cincinnati looked great for about 15 minutes, but definitely coasted besides that. Once the Larry Davis/Darnell Wilks-led charge ended, Cincinnati looked complacent, and Mick Cronin noticed. From the way he talked about Cincinnati's performance, you'd expect the team to have lost by 16 rather than win by that margin. Not necessarily a bad thing, however, since the coach would rather motivate his players to want it more rather than praise them.


"I just thought once we got the lead, we got complacent. Other guys, they're gonna keep playing. We just got too complacent and maybe I should have rotated more guys in, kept fresher guys in there to defend."


-          Noticed an interesting stat at halftime of the game. Out of the eight undefeated teams left, Cincinnati is the only one not ranked. When asked about whether UC should be in the top 25, DePaul coach Oliver Purnell scoffed and admitted that the Bearcats should easily be in it after dominating his team.

-          "Absolutely. What don't they have really? They've got size, quickness, tremendous size in the low post. They can score on anybody. I like what they do defensively."


-          It's hard to discount how much Larry Davis and Darnell Wilks' entrance into the game jumpstarted the game. Both looked great, with Davis shooting lights out for the second straight night. If Cincinnati continues to get this production out of those two, they'll be dangerous. They made the "Goon Squad" proud (more on this later today)


-          Dion Dixon looked comfortable creating his own shot again, something he displayed very well against Miami. His confidence has been outstanding as he fearlessly drives to the basket. Cronin was critical of his tendency to loaf sometimes though.


-          Chad Brendel's take on the game. Mostly agree. This could have been a big statement game if the Bearcats didn't take their foot of the throttle and rolled to a 30-point win.


-          Bill Koch's recap from last night. Good stuff, per usual. He's got an emphasis on what Purnell thought of UC. The former Dayton/Clemson coach was impressed by the Bearcats, to say the least.


-          In college football, two teams that beat the Bearcats squared off in the in the Champs Sports Bowl. West Virginia and NC State took on each other in a contest to prove which BCS conference is had the most disappointing season, the Big East or ACC.


Traditionalists probably hate the chrome-like helmets of West Virginia (along with the silver camouflage on the shoulders), but a younger guy like me loves this stuff. I've always been a sucker for the crazy Oregon jerseys, so this is right up my alley. Here's an up close picture of what they looked like.


-'s Steve Sell wrote an article on Stephanie Niemer pursuing a pro career Puerto Rico for the Indias de Mayaguez of the Liga de Voleibol Superior Femenin. Good to see. Niemer was amazing this year and I'm sure whatever the future holds for her in regards of volleyball will be bright.


-          The Enquirer has its "Year in Sports"  photos up and it's a must see for any Cincinnati fan. As expected, it's filled with the Reds' playoff chase. A picture of West Virginia's DeSean Butler being mobbed by teammates after banking in a game-winning three over the Bearcats is in there. That one still hurts. Plus, the opening one is of Tony Pike kneeling in disappointment after UC's loss to Florida. Ouch.


-          Speaking of Florida, it's been almost a year since Tim Tebow led the beatdown in the Sugar Bowl. He's still got that distinctive charm though, as you can see here.


- came out with their yearly sports media awards yesterday. For the most part, I agree with the list, although I'm not a huge fan of the Cris Collinsworth on Sunday Night Football. I think he can be a bit biased sometimes and can ramble on about one point for far too long. The "30 for 30" mentions are much deserved, as I've been captivated by ESPN's documentaries all year. And finally, Colin Cowherd gets what he deserves, especially after his beating-of-a-dead-horse rant about the Cincinnati "Frauds" during baseball season.


-          Been delving into "The Book of Basketball" by Bill Simmons since Christmas. For any fan of the NBA or the game in general, it's a great read. Simmons is extremely smart and funny, something anybody who's ever read his ESPN columns would know. He talks about some of the Bearcat greats, including Oscar Robertson and Jack Twyman. He's definitely pretty hard on the "Big O", as Simmons claims Robertson triple-double season is overrated because of the era he played in, while he also rips apart Oscar as an announcer. He still does point out that Robertson is easily one of the best guards of all-time.


-          Speaking of the NBA, a quote that Cronin said in Monday's media availability has stuck in my head.


"You'd be amazed at how little basketball college basketball players watch. But they love the NBA."


His statement got me thinking about what NBA players compare most with the current Bearcat players. Here's what I thought up:


Cashmere Wright - Chris Paul, New Orleans Hornets: Might be a little bit of a stretch, but the dazzling passes Wright has pulled off at times this year looks a lot like what Paul does for the Hornets. Plus, he has a knack for scoring and getting steals, like Paul does.


Dion Dixon - Eric Gordon, Los Angeles Clippers: Both are vastly improved since last year, as Gordon has raised his scoring average to 23.9 per game. Dixon and Gordon both have looked extremely comfortable creating their own shots in this early season. Both are confident with the ball in their hands and want to score.


Rashad Bishop - Ron Artest, LA Lakers: Without Artest's bipolar personality, these two are pretty similar on the court. Bishop is a taller guard/forward player that is one of the best perimeter defenders in the Big East, if not the country. Artest, although deteriorating slightly, still is one of the game's best outside defenders. Both are ridiculously tenacious on defense


Yancy Gates - Zach Randolph, Memphis Grizzlies: Another comparison where the personalities aren't similar, but the skills are. Randolph can bang in the post when he wants, but has the ability to step outside and knock down jumpers too. As we've seen with Yancy, he can battle down low, but has a smooth touch that extends his range.


Ibrahima Thomas - Marcus Camby, Portand Trail Blazers: Camby is ageless. Even at 36, he still is a top shot blocker and rebounder. He may not have the mobility he used to, but he's effective. Thomas is still developing, but his knack for getting key boards and blocks hasn't gone unnoticed.


-          To conclude today's breakfast, I wanted to share a clip from HBO's 24/7: Road to the Winter Classic, which is airing its second-last episode tonight. If you haven't had a chance to watch it or don't have HBO, you've missed out on some great television. Anything HBO does about sports (Hard Knocks, 24/7 Boxing) is incredible every time and this is no different. Here's a taste of what you've been missing if you've missed it.

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