Bearcats Breakfast 12.30.10

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Tomorrow is NYE, which means all of you will spend the next 48 hours thinking up your New Year's Resolutions, the next 480 hours focused on staying true to them, then the following 48 rationalizing why they were overzealous. 

Then you'll be right back where you were, but at least it'll be fun to say you tried.

We'll start looking forward tomorrow, though. First let's look back.

I want to know what your best UC sports moment of 2010 was.

This wasn't the best year for the athletics program, though, they did enjoy some highlights. But with the football program struggling and basketball falling short of the tournament last year, it wasn't as easy to pick as everyone shouting out "Armon Binns!" simultaneously if this quesiton were asked last year.

So, email me ( or send me a message on Twitter (@pauldehnerjr) with your best UC sports moment of 2010 and I'll post up your responses on the blog tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I don't have free tickets to offer like I did with the last email invite, only the wealth and fame of being recognized in the Breakfast (Disclaimer: Wealth and fame not guaranteed)

Let's eat...

--- Busy day at GoBearcats yesterday, with plenty of reaction and analysis to UC's Big East opener. I had the postgame column and also The Morning After blog. If you didn't read them, you will be endlessly mocked by your friends. If that's OK with you, it's OK me.

Yesterday was the bon voyage to mega-intern Will Frasure, who wrote the Bearcats Breakfast and had a nice piece comparing UC's starters to NBA players. I particularly thought the Dion Dixon/Eric Gordon correlation was right on.

Obviously, none of the Bearcats are there yet, but you can definitely see the similarities in their games.

Will also finished a story he had been working on with the reserve group coming off the bench for UC, or "The Goon Squad" as they like to call themselves.

It's a great piece that reflects what has become a significant part of the identity of this team. UC's calling card of defense, rebounding and depth stems directly from this group.

And, once again, many thanks to Will for all he did while on break from OU this month. Now he can go back to Athens, and a much better life than the rest of us are living.

--- Also yesterday, The Voice Dan Hoard wrote a blog about the attendance. The announced crowd was 7,795 for the opener and sounded like more than that at times. They sold 1,100 walk-up tickets,though. It was longest in recent memory according to UC ticket manager Meagan Kantor.

Bill Koch also blogged about tickets.  

Many of you were up early this morning ordering your Crosstown Shootout tix online. With that game sold out and WVU/Georgetown about to be sold out, it's great to know there are going to be some packed arenas for these games.

It makes a difference, too.

Larry Davis said he noticed, but also made a request after the game.

"I kind of like the fans to get us motivated more on defense," he said. 

The arena can be kind of quiet, if UC hasn't provided a reason to cheer. When you are a guy like Davis who feeds off of that energy, it can make quite a difference. There's a reason a team like PItt is 8-0 at their home court against Top 5 teams. And a reason Duke is so difficult to beat at Cameron Indoor. 

There is no let up when that crowd is pushing you on defense.    

--- This hardly constitutes news, but freshman Kelvin Gaines is offiically going to redshirt. Koch blogged it yesterday afternoon after Cronin allowed confirmation.

The rotation is set where it's at and there's no way Gaines would play in front of anybody receiving minutes right now so there was no sense wasting a year.

--- Bill also wrote about UC desire for tougher tests. They're coming.

Yesterday, Lance McAlister broke the schedule down and found 6 of the remaining 18 games are against the current top 10 RPI. Now, the RPI isn't really worth a hill of beans right now because it's so early, but you get the point.

--- The Crosstown Shootout is about a week away and Xavier lost another player due to injury Freshman Jay Canty will be out 4-6 weeks with a stress fracture. That leaves the Muskies at nine scholarship players.

--- BearcatsBlog broke out some observations from the DePaul game. As does Chad Brendel.

--- Louisville's 6-8 forward Jared Swopshire is done for the season. He averaged 7.5 points and 6.1 rebounds while starting 20 games as a sophomore will be a hit to the Cards' depth.

--- How tough is it to win on the road in the Big East? I gave you the numbers in the Breakfast on Tuesday, but you could watch for yourself the last few days. First, No. 4 UConn goes into No. 6 Pitt and is run off the floor. Then No. 9 Georgetown goes to No. 15 ND and loses by double-digits in a game that was never really in jeopardy.

Not that either of these games are massive upsets, although G'Town was a 3-point favorite on the road, but the way both teams were so easily handled shows you how tough it will be to go into some of these places and steal a win.

--- On the flip side, St. John's sure found a way. In the early surprise of the BE season, the Johnnies went into Morgantown and toppled WVU by 10. Not sure if that's a Huggins problem or St. John's is starting to put it together after their win over Northwestern, but it's an interesting result considering the Bearcats play STJ twice this year.

While discussing WVU -- Dana O'Neil alert. Here's her profile of John Flowers.  

--- On to the randomness...

--- What? A list of Blake Griffin's 20 best dunks of the year? Now they're just pandering to me.   

--- Tweet of the day: From BianchiWrites -- Moral dilemma for Maryland players: Do we attempt to carry Ralph Friedgen off the field or don't we? Let's don't! 

--- The Top 10 sports videos of the year opens with a junk shot. Shouldn't all video lists?

--- Are you a hipster dufus?

--- I stumbled across this segment with Will Ferrell on Funny or Die. It is incredibly NSFW, but standard Ferrell funny.  

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