Bearcats Breakfast 12.31.10

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The final Breakfast of 2010. I would talk about what a long year it's been and all the things we've discussed here, except, I only took over in July, so it really hasn't been all that long of  a year.

In fact, it's hardly felt like a long time at all. I still remember writing the introductory post and just hoping that all the emails wouldn't show up in my inbox with the subject line -- Re: Top 10 Reasons You're Not As Good As Josh Katzowitz.

As I said that day, though, I write this blog so there's a significant amount of self-reflective sentences, this isn't about me. This is about UC. And yesterday you guys responded when asked what was the top UC sports moment of 2010 for you.

There really was a wide variety of answers. That goes to show, even in what may have been a down year compared to the previous few, there was so much to love about UC sports.

Here are the responses:

Darren: Whoopin Miami's ass in football!!! Black out night!

Gina: Ben Guidugli being great

Michael: Scoring 69 against Rutgers

Ryane: UC men's basketball team undefeated so far this year

Chris: Being in the Sugar Bowl...right up until the game started

Angela: September 25th 2010...Paul Brown Stadium. 8 minutes 2 seconds left on the clock. In the few moments when beating Oklahoma was a real possibility. Electricity in the stands. Amazing... Best Moment of the year. (For me)

Chris: Josh Schnieder winning the Bearcats a National Championship in the 50M freestyle (swimming). First National Title in swimming since Charles Keating in 1946!

Jerry: UC kicking DePaul's butt the other night while i was in the stands on my annual trip to the Big C! GO CATS!!!!!!

Henry: It is all volleyball.   Niemer picked Big East player  three consecutive  weeks in a row, BE player of the year, All-American second team, Setting new career records as a Bearcat.  Annie Fesl and Jordanne Scott All-American honorable mention.   Coach Reed Sunahara, BE coach of the year and winning the BE for second year in a row.  No other coach has accomplished what Reed did in his sport like he has this year for the Bearcats.

Neal: Beating Louisville in the Big East tournament

Shawn Sell at GoBearcats compiled this list of the Top 10 Moments of 2010 that mentions even more accomplishments not found in this list.

For me there's a definitive top three. I can't differentiate between them, but they are definitely higher than the rest.

--- I agree with Chris, that being in the Sugar Bowl, right up until the game started was one of the best moments of the year. The sea of red and black that descended upon the Superdome was the strongest collection of unified, proud Univiersity of Cincinnati representation I'd seen.

--- UC's run through the Big East tournament made you stand up out of your seat with interest. As much as the Bearcats struggled all season, they'd finally put it together and one of the grandest of stagest. Add in both wins coming down to the wire against Rutgers, Louisville and eventually West Virginia, it supplied three days of UC basketball where you witnessed how close this team was to returning to its glory years and how fantastic that would feel as a part of the Big East.

--- UC-Rutgers setting the all-time Big East points record in the 69-38 UC victory. I've never seen a game as surreal as that one. Both teams scoring at will. And just when you think the second half would be different, the first play Rutgers goes up top for a long TD strike. Watching Zach Collaros do whatever he wanted to for almost four hours left me shaking my head.

--- I'm sure some of the other moments were great, like Josh Schneider's title and the UC soccer upset of UConn, but unfortunately, I didn't witness those, so it's hard for me to understand the enormity of the moment.

Regardless, a fantastic 2010 and plenty of reason to be excited for 2011. (SEQUE!!)

--- UC's attempt at 14-0 comes tonight at 8 p.m. against Seton Hall. Judging by what DePaul brought to the table, this might be more representative of UC's first Big East test. Last season, for this team, those tests meants close games.

Mick Cronin and his team aren't concerned about the fact they've only played two games decided by single digits this season and not one team has been within three points in the final five minutes.

I wrote about it on the blog yesterday.

Last year, they were 2-5 in games decided by three points or in OT during the regular season.

--- The game against Seton Hall will be one UC coach Mick Cronin wishes he didn't have to play because Pirates coach Kevin Willard is his best friend in the business. They were assistants at Louisville under Rick Pitino together.

Bill Koch wrote the story on it and apparently William Wallace wrote the headline.  

--- Seton Hall has been snakebit by bad luck ever since Willard took over. With the wrist injury to Jeremy Hazell, shooting with Hazell, Herb Pope's heart attack, transfer of Ferrakohn Hall, events continue to break against him. Cronin delivered this gem when asked if he would meet up to eat with Willard before the game:

"I'm scared to meet him for dinner or breakfast because I'm worried a beam or something might fall on my head. Since he's been the coach there he's had a guy have a heart attack, another guy break his wrist, same guy got shot, multiple other injuries. He's had a some tough luck since he's taken over at Seton Hall."

--- Remember, the game tonight is on ESPN2 at 8 p.m.   

--- Chad Brendel put together a notebook on Seton Hall's personnel, Herb Pope's affinity for offensive rebounding and the hot hand of Larry Davis.

---  BearcatsBlog talks LD as well.  

--- The SouthOrangeJuice blog talks about Seton Hall's current state. Good for some insight into some of the strengths and weankesses of the Pirates if you're into that sort of thing.

--- In case you don't follow me on Twitter (@pauldehnerjr), what's wrong with you? Oh, and also, I mentioned yesterday that UC has tickets to the USF and Seton Hall games on sale for $20.11 until midnight tonight. Just go to this site and type in the password 2011. So, get 'em while their hot. Or if you have been continuously rejected by NYE dates and need a place to go tonight, you can do so on the cheap.

--- On to some randomness...

--- Stanford snapped the UConn women's record-breaking win streak last night at 90. The fans didn't rush the court.

I understand "Act like you've been there," but nobody has been there. Ever. This is the longest  win streak in the history of collegiate basketball!

Of course, it could be because most of the fan base in the front rows forgot to put tennis balls on the front of their walkers.

--- Syracuse benchwarmer Mookie Jones is having problems understanding the concept of Twitter.

--- A South Carolina man was injured when hit by an SUV playing a real-life version of Frogger. I obviously post this, so I can bring you this scene from Seinfeld.

--- #SleddingFail  

--- Somebody, anybody, tell me how this "celebration" by Kansas State is hurting the integrity of the game of football? Why does this draw a personal foul? Can sombody please tell whoever decided to leave this much gray area inside this rule they are a complete and utter joke right now.

(Sidenote: Congrats to Syracuse on a nice bounceback season) 

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