14 Should Get You 25

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After UC's impressive win over Seton Hall and 2 Big East wins, they are now in first place in the hoops mega-conference. And that should now get them in the top 25 and a little more. UC has just won 14 straight games, and, along the way beat Dayton who always plays them tough; beat Oklahoma on the road, DePaul and now Seton Hall at home. Say what you want about them not playing anyone but they are winning by margins that top ranked teams win by and that's double digits.

I know people say they haven't played anybody but now that they're in the Big East and they have held serve, so give them some love; and with Xavier up next this will be the next "real" test. Xaiver and UC's records are irrelevant when they play because the rivalry fuels competition. So this is the final test of nay sayers, when they play the Musketeers, so let the wins fall where they may based on the outcome of effort not the game.

14 should get you 25 and 15 in a row should get you votes for the top 20. Through it all the one saving grace about college basketball is that in the end you play the Big East tournament and the NCAA tournament. We know they'll play in the first one and at this point they're certainly worthy of playing in the second one. You play the teams on your schedule and you beat them the way you're supposed to. The Bearcats have done that and you have to respect that, even if you're a hater.

So up next are Xavier and the Skyline Chili Crosstown Shootout; and up next should be their position in the polls; regardless of the score, effort notwithstanding.

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat...

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