15 and Won

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Well go ahead and say I told you so; UC loses to Villanova yesterday and have left the ranks of the unbeaten. So many people kept waiting for them to lose, to point to that loss as proof they're not for real. Well UC is victim number 45 for Villanova at their home gym meaning all the powerhouses of the Big East have succumb to the Wildcat confines. UC played hard and while they can play better, they should be given respect until further notice. They are 15 and one overall and 2-1 in the Big East. With another successful run in the Big East tournament and a solid league performance, the NCAA tournament is within reach this year.

I know you're now thinking now they're heading into the meat of their schedule, the losses will come like the previous set of wins. Here's an idea; judge them game by game and wish them well. Be optimistic and not pessimistic; celebrate the return of respectable UC basketball after the near death experience when Huggins then Kennedy left, as well as future players. 

UC basketball has people talking and watching again and its been a long time coming. You can't deny improvement and increased energy. You can't dismiss the effort being displayed on the court and you can't ignore they have one other thing in place that was lacking before; and that's depth and they'll need that when fouls stack up on the road in the league.

While you're wishing bad on UC, please don't break an ankle jumping on the bandwagon when they finally get over the hump and head toward the big dance. I think they'll make it this year but they have already won with they way they're playing. Losing because of a lack of effort is the only way this season takes a turn for the worse and would be considered a failure. But looking in the eyes of these kids, I don't believe for a minute they think they can't win. I don't believe they feel otherwise either. 

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat.

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Wayne: Good article. It will help if we beat USF, but as you said let's take one game at a time.
Go Bearcats, Mr.P.