Bearcats Breakfast 1.18.11

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Despite the loss at Syracuse on Saturday, the Bearcats stayed in the AP Top 25 poll at No. 25. They dropped back to No. 29 in the Coach's poll.

I'm a little surprised they didn't drop further, but it further shows the either the respect people have for Syracuse or lack of attention they pay. (Just ask Gary Parrish)

Regardless, that placed a record nine teams from the Big East in the Top 25.

Let's eat...

--- The Irish turned the ball over 20 times in their 18-point loss at St. John's. They've struggled against deep, pressing teams. Bill Koch says that should play right into UC's hands.

--- Mick Cronin said on Monday he is considering lineup changes for Wednesday's game at Notre Dame. I blogged about his thoughts and possible options right here yesterday.

On his radio show last night at Montgomery Inn, Cronin said there's a chance Sean Kilpatrick could start Wednesday to add some offense to that first group.

I can't imagine Dion Dixon coming out of the starting lineup if you are searching for offense, so Rashad Bishop would be the most likely candidate to move back with the Goon Squad.

That move could work as Bishop brings a defensive mentality much like Larry Davis, Darnell Wilks and Justin Jackson. And against Notre Dame it makes even more sense because of their lack of size, you don't lose much with the smaller Kilpatrick at the 3.

--- Cronin calculated six times UC missed what he called "zero-footers" against Syracuse. Three from Ibrahima Thomas and one apiece from Yancy Gates, Darnell Wilks and Biggie McClain.

"You are not going to spring an upset on an undefeated team in front of 30,000 people doing that," he said.   

--- Chicagosports has a story on Notre Dame finding confidence in returning home. I mentioned their home/away extremes yesterday, but if you look at it, Purcell Pavillion may be the toughest place to play in the Big East.

They were 7-2 at home last year and 3-0 this year. Last season, they were 3-6 on the road and are 0-3 on the road this year. How different they are in the Joyce Center is remarkable.

"Notre Dame right now they are bi-polar, they have the dual personality, home and road," Cronin said. "I told the staff yesterday to light a match to the Notre Dame DVD. Talking about a team a week earlier was beating St. John's by 25-30 most of the game. That's how much different they are at home. Before that they beat two top 10 teams."   

As for why the Irish are so much better at home, Cronin could only conclude it reverts to shooting.

"They make shots at home. If you look at the numbers right now, they average 76 points at home in six Big East games, and 57 on the road. They are making shots at a higher clip in their home gym."

--- Cronin said Yancy Gates ankle is still sore, but he'll be fine. It was inferred during the radio show that Gates would play Wednesday.

---  Wild day in college basketball yesterday, starting with the two Big East showdowns. Kemba Walker continues to make me shake my head. I loved the headline from RTC.

Walker was clutch, but I give my gameball to Jeremy Lamb. When the Huskies have a third scoring option, they are as tough to beat as anyone in the country.  

When talking with Chad from 247 before media availabliity, he filled me into something I wasn't aware of. Apparently, Kemba Walker should have been a Bearcat.

He was as close to committing to UC as you can be, but then Brandon Jennings backed out of his committment to UConn which left them a scholarship open. They lured Walker.  

Think about that. You would have had Walker and Lance Stephenson together last season and then add a top scorer like Walker to this year's mix. Wow.

Recruiting is a crazy business.

--- Pitt opened the game with a 19-0 run on Syracuse. Then Cuse fought back with a 17-0 run. In the end, PItt buried too many big shots. The Panthers are now 9-0 at The Pete against Top 5 teams. Silly.   

--- Cincinnati247 has a picture of the new red football helmets. I'm on the fence. Hard to tell without seeing them on the field in action.


--- My buddy and I concluded a long time ago one of the scariest words in the English language is estranged.

--- Not that I would need another reason to watch the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but here's HBO's new ad.

--- And let's not forget the nice lady who paid us in advance, before she turned into a dog.

--- Ricky Gervais was banned from the Golden Globes. I'm pretty sure that's what he was going for.

--- I can only assume he refused to flip his chair around and sit the wrong way on it at the end of the table.

--- Oh, science! 

--- I'm guessing by his willingness to dance across the arena this was a set up, but who cares. Fast forward to the 1:35 mark to see some smooth Michael Jackson moves.  

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