Bearcats Breakfast 1.31.11

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This blog is a work of honesty and integrity (I think), so I can tell the truth. Unfortunately (or fortunately after re-watching the game on DVR) I was not in Cincinnati this weekend. A previous committment in Orlando had me enjoying a nice reprieve from winter.

I won't bore you with the weather details, it will only make you angry.

Since I wasn't able to be at the postgame interview for the WVU loss, I'll only touch on a few points from the game and move forward -- in much the same fashion the Bearcats will.

--- Though there isn't a ton of positive to talk about, I have to start with the play of Cashmere Wright. While his play is clouded by what went wrong, he played the aggressiveness and assertive offensive attitude Mick Cronin has been preaching all season.

Cronin constantly pushed Wright to play free, loose and look to score more. As he's said many times, for this team to reach its goals, Wright needs to become one of the better point guards in the Big East. He sure looked like it vs WVU. With a little help from his friends and a win it would have been called Cash's breakout game. Here's hoping the Bearcats still will.

--- Dan Hoard makes a great point, again. Sometimes, good teams play bad. Take a look around the conference. No matter the opponent, if you play bad, you will lose. Syracuse is falling faster than Charlie Sheen's career. Villanova has lost three of four. UConn couldn't hold off U of L at home.

UC didn't play well. They lost. It hurts. That's what happens. The luxury of the 6-3 cushion evaporated. It places more pressure on some difficult games on the back half of the season. At some point, UC will need to win one of those. The great news is they have plenty of opportunities to do so.   

--- UC reached the halfway point of the Big East season. Upon reflection of the first nine games, the Bearcats have put themselves in position to acheive the goal of making the tournament. As Bill Koch points out, the road doesn't get any easier

In fact, the second half looks to be a little tougher than the first, of course, in the Big East it's sort of like saying being waterboarded is worse than being flogged. 

--- Let's take a look at the rest of the schedule with the current KenPom ratings:


@Pitt (6)

@DePaul (209)

vs St. John's (51)

vs Louisville (17)

@Providence (73)

@Georgetown (15)

vs UConn (14)

@Marquette (25)

vs Georgetown (15) 

Six of nine against the Top 25. Only one game not in against the Top 75. Ken is still projecting UC out to finish 10-8, but there will have to be some tough wins in there. They'll certainly have to earn it.

--- Scott Springer tackles the subject of grumbling on the way to the parking garage and sheds a bright light on the dark loss.  

--- Chad Brendel talks about a loss of focus in the WVU loss.

--- Georgetown turning their season around is not a great development for the Bearcats. Huge win at Villanova for them. That makes four in a row. Their play by play guy is super excited about it.  

--- That was not the same St. John's team we saw against UC last Saturday.

--- Sorry about the relatively short blog today, obviuosly plenty more this week. Remember, National Signing Day is Wendesday. There will be a lot of action coming from the Lindner Center.

--- On to some randomness...

--- "I pity the fool who don't eat bonelss sirloin steaks."

--- I just want some of these Sports Pickle stories to be true.

--- One time I hit a layup to win a junior high CYO game. Not quite this 55-footer from Manhattan. Pretty sure I wouldn't be this calm.

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