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(Like this microwave, Sean Kilpatrick is "Sharp")

  Thanks to the genius that is Paul Daugherty, we now know all about "The Microwave" Sean Kilpatrick and why Mick Cronin should play him more.
  Like Paul, I'm a big believer in Kilpatrick and have been since he first hit town. He plays the game on and off the court, meaning he can "ball" and he can "bring it" in an interview afterward.
  I've written before how he gave my youngest kids his Deveroes Summer League shirt (yes, we washed it) and I had them take it back and get it signed.
  In time, I still believe that shirt will be worth something (even though I've never sold any of the items I have).
  It's not PC to say around some UC circles, but I believe Kilpatrick's far better for UC's "chemistry" than Lance Stephenson was.
  Don't get me wrong, Lance Stephenson could be phenomenal. However, the first thing I noticed when he suited up for the Deveroes Summer League title game in 2009 (for the team that Kilpatrick had been carrying) was that the guys didn't seem to know how to play WITH Lance. 
  And, Lance didn't seem to know how to play WITH them.
  Defenders of "Born Ready" will say he opened some recruiting doors. Well, I hope that's true. I'm just here to say the other New Yorker (Kilpatrick) might be the one that opens doors wider someday.
  You can look at Stephenson's 12.3 scoring average last year and compare it Kilpatrick's 10 (at this writing) and say I don't know what I'm talking about. You wouldn't be the first.
   I look at some other numbers though. Right away I notice Stephenson shot a putrid (at the college distance) 22% from the three-point line.
 Kilpatrick's close to 42%.
   I also look at their numbers by comparison through 17 games. Sure. Stephenson scored 210 in his first 17 to Kilpatrick's 170, but Lance played 500 minutes to Sean's 339.
   Which leads me to my somewhat saber-metric stat of the day (as my math teachers chuckle uncontrollably) POINTS PER MINUTE.
   No, not points per game. POINTS PER MINUTE.
   Based on their first 17 games as college freshmen and my rudimentary arithmetic, Sean Kilpatrick is the more proficient/efficient scorer.  Kilpatrick averages a rounded off .50 to Stephenson's .42.
   Extended out,Kilpatrick would average 20 a game if he were allowed to go beginning to end, where Stephenson would fall in at 16.8.
   Through the first 17 games, Stephenson had two 20-plus games. Kilpatrick has had three and was a bucket away against South Florida of making it four.
   Your honor, the defense rests.
   However, that may be the reason Kilpatrick doesn't get the minutes. It could be the defense. (I don't know as Mick usually doesn't phone ahead to clear his starting five with me).
   Then you have the case this season where the Bearcats are deeper and it's rare for a player to get 30 minutes of playing time, let alone 40.
   There's no question that Mick will continue to substitute freely on this team.
   "Everyone has 13 scholarships and you have to play them," said Cronin after the recent USF win. "You try and develop your bench. It's a long season, especially this year with our style of play."
   Kilpatrick himself appears OK with the formula. He's fine with being a role player.
   "That's my job especially with coach having me off the bench," said Kilpatrick."That's all I try to do is lift my team up."
   May the young man keep lifting (his points and his minutes).

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Scott: Maybe S. Kilpatrick will get 30+ minutes against the Syracuse zone. It might be a wise coaching decision to help us beat a 17 & 0 team..
Scott, I enjoy your column. Tks, Mr.P.