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OK, so what's your excuse?

As Jamelle Elliott and the University of Cincinnati women's basketball team dive into the BIG EAST schedule, we're seeing some of the best teams in the country coming through Clifton.

So where are you?

I know there were several games scheduled on Bengals Sundays and, love them or hate them, the Bengals draw big TV crowds in this market. Well, the Bengals season is over.

Maybe you were saying, I'll wait until they get into conference play. Well, that's where they are now. Louisville's already been here, Rutgers was here this past weekend.

So where are you?

You must be a UC fan, or you wouldn't be reading this. So how about showing your fan support by coming to a game?

A former colleague of mine at ESPN, Nell Fortner, now coach at Auburn, once said that she always had mixed feelings when friends asked her for free tickets to college or WNBA games she was coaching. "Sure, I can get them all kinds of free tickets, but how about buying a ticket and supporting these young women and their program?"

Good point: It's one thing to say you support what they do--it's another thing to show up and cheer them on in person. The tickets are affordable, the game times are family friendly and the team could not be more appreciative when you attend. There's always an autograph signing session after the game (find that at a pro game!) and these players are glad to have you there.

The Bearcats will be back home next on Tuesday, January 25 against DePaul. Make a point to mark that on your calendar. And come out to support the Cats.

What's your excuse?

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