Bearcats Breakfast 2.18.11

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So, I had this whole post planned today about how fantastic Providence has been at home.

There were numbers like how they are 13-2 at The Dunk, wins against Louisville and Villanova. Up four with a minute to play against Pittsburgh, hadn't lost there since that day, Jan. 4.

I was going to tell you about Marshon Brooks getting mentions for BE Player of the Year in the conversation with Kemba Walker and Ben Hansbrough.

I was going to tell you about Gerard Coleman, whose played like the legitimate second weapon Brooks desperately needs during their biggest wins this year, averaging 14.3 points in the first four BE home games.

I was going to tell you a number of concerning stats regarding the Providence Friars.

Then, last night, they lost at home to DePaul.

Here's the ProJo story.  

There's really no way to justify any concerning stats when followed by that sentence. Of course, we talked in this space one week ago about how it was only a matter of time until the Blue Demons get hot enough to steal a game against somebody. They'd been so close.

That said, you can't be the team that snaps a 29-game road losing streak, 24-game Big East losing streak and 12-game overall losing streak.

Not sure whether the loss will be good or bad for the Bearcats as far as the mentality of the Friars coming out 48 hours later on the same court. They'll probably be playing angry with a point to prove. Like most games in the Big East, it will probably be a dogfight.

All UC needs to do is follow DePaul's lead. (Let us never write that sentence again)

Let's eat....

--- ESPN's Eamonn Brennan talks UC's good night and expresses his love for Mick Cronin's comic book reference from Wednesday night's press conference (my quote of the night from The Morning After yesterday), though it leaves out the best line.  

--- Dan Hoard writes about the first time he met Yancy Gates, who was close to the size he is now in the ninth grade. Nice anecdote. Thought the anecdote I'd like to see is watching him one year earlier. I can only imagine sitting in the stands as he takes on the junior high team from Carson Elementary.

--- In the Breakfast Upset of the Week: Former Bearcat Alex Meachem will be mentioned in the blog for the second time this week. The first was in a quote from Mick Cronin in Tuesday's Breakfast about noteriety for former players and today from Paul Daugherty writing a story about the former walk-on inspiring the new Air Jordan shoe.

You reading this John Meeker?

--- Mick Cronin and Cashmere Wright met with the media yesterday. You can watch Mick here and Cash here.

--- Mick talked more about what happened between the St. John's and Louisville games.

"The St. John's game definitely made us soul search. From every coach to every player," he said.

Cashmere talked about players being excited about coming back to practice on Thursday and being ready to get back after it and get another win. Earlier this year we talked about UC maybe needing that one win to help them get over the hump and once they did it could open the floodgates.

This could be the game. Of course, in my eyes, the Providence game is almost a bigger test of that attitude than the Louisville game was. Going on the road against a bottom-tier team will test the intensity much more than backs against the wall against a fierce rival in front of 11,511 at home.

As has become the favorite phrase among Cincinnati sports coaches: We'll see.

--- Did you miss Bearcats Sports Weekly. Yes? First, you should be subjected to eight hours of Kurt Russell movies for punishment. Next, you can watch it here.

--- In one of the odder TV segments, Adam Zagoria, apparently fresh out of a wind tunnel and Jerry Palm, live from the Big Foot hunt, discuss the Big East teams tournament outlook with some mention of UC starting around the 3-minute mark.

--- More Bracketology with 11 Big East teams in.    

--- Some Big East Coach of the Year talk from Jason King. Friend of the blog Mo Egger had this link and mentioned if UC finishes .500 or better, Mick should be in the conversation. Realistically, I doubt that will happen, but it probably should. These awards are always dominated by those in the top quarter of the league. It'd be hard to sneak past Mike Brey, IMO.

Sidenote: King obviously not a big UC backer with them still 11th in the conference and Marquette with 6 losses in 8 games sitting 9th.

---  Larry Bird talked about Lance Stephenson (h/t Mo), yet to play a minute for the Pacers this season:

"Well, I'm pretty bullish on Lance Stephenson. If he's going to be what I think he's going to be - I already know Paul (George) is going to be there - maybe it's just two. I think the kid's got a chance to be very special. And I think Paul's going to be special. And we've got the money to go fill out this team and be very competitive in this league."

--- Congrats to Bearcats swimmer Liz Hansson for becoming the 2011 BIG EAST Champion in the 50-yard freestyle with a school record time of 22.93.

--- UC baseball opens its season today in Tampa. When they play at home, here's their sweet intro video for this season.  

On to some randomness...

--- Next time you make a Kardashian joke just remember, the joke is on you.

--- For my generation that remember Nada Surf and if you remember Nada Surf you remember their one hit video "Popular." A blog found the hot cheerleader from some where are they now.

--- Ray Fosse needs to let it go.  

--- Watson owns Jeopardy!, now Sports Pickle has him talking trash.  

--- In the wake of the sad passing of Len Lesser, better known as Uncle Leo from Seinfeld, one of the great side characters from the show, I only wonder who will get the watch?


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