Bearcats Breakfast 2.2.11

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Rise and shine happy campers, make sure you have your booties on because it's coooold outside!

That line from Groundhog Day would lead off this blog post regardless of weather conditions, but it certainly rings true today.

It's cold outside, but the dust has been blown off the fax machine and it's heating up inside as the UC recruiting class is coming together as I type.

Thanks to everyone who comes to this blog, but without doubt the place to be this morning is at UC Signing Day Live on this site. Here is the link.

Tommy G has live interviews going on every hour with different members of the UC staff. It opened with Butch Jones and will close with him at 1 p.m., then again with his 2 p.m. presser all the media will attend. 

All the highlights of the players are posted on the site as the NLI's come through as well.

Nobody in the Big East does Signing Day as well as Tommy G and the crew. Nobody.

This will be a full class of 25 expected, so there will be plenty of videos and stats to look through if you feel like killing time today. And if I know my demographic well enough, I assume most of you decided to stay in bed and "work from home" today.

Also, the Signing Day Dinner is tonight at the Marriott.  

Let's eat...

--- What everyone hopes these recruits will be doing one is heading to the NFL Scouting Combine. Three Bearcats players were officially named to the combine list: OL Jason Kelce, K Jake Rogers and WR Armon Binns.

The event begins Feb. 23.

--- Another player Bearcats wouldn't mind seeing these recruits emulate is Texans DE Connor Barwin. Of course, that's much easier to do these days with Barwin back at UC going to school during his down time. He's training with Bob Mangine and working out around the UC football players.

Barwin took about 20 minutes to chat with me last week and I got around to posting up the interview yesterday. With all the football talk kicking up this week, it only seemed appropriate. If you have some time, it's worth the read. He's insightful, funny and just a refreshing perspective on being a professional athlete.

--- More on football Bearcats with Mardy Gilyard among the Rams players to have postseason surgery.

--- Yesterday I took a look at the 2007 UC recruiting class and how stars correllated to success. Brian Bennett touched on each Big East team's 2007 class and what type of players they produced.

Pulling three or four legit stars out of the class was about the norm.

--- Zac Jackson of FoxOhio writes about Butch Jones' recruiting class and, in particular, Mr. Ohio from Youngstown Ursuline, Akise Teague.

--- Great tweet from Brett McMurphy this morning in regards to recruiting class hype.

"Not sure which is more hyped - and wrong - recruiting classes or Punxsutawney Phil's spring forecast"

--- More statistics on hype vs production in recruiting classes.

--- A quick basketball link, here is a tempo-free conference aerial chart of how UC stacks up in the Big East in terms of efficiency. It simplifies very complicated statistics but also goes to show how close UC is to being one of the best teams in the league if they could just find a way to score more consistently.

--- As for randomness, you have enough highlight videos to watch when you go over to UC Signing Day Live page, so I won't bombard you.

But I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn't throw up a scene from one of the great comedies.

Needlenose Ned! Ned the head! Got the shingles real bad senior year? Bing! 

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