Bearcats Breakfast 2.24.11

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Originally, I started rambling at the top of the Breakfast about what was accomplished last night and it turned into something much bigger, I broke it out to its own post.

You can read that here in case you haven't already.

Now that you've done that, I won't bore with more ramblings, let's eat...

--- Here are the highlights of last night's game, in case you missed it.

--- Dan Hoard talks about how the world of Bearcats Nation has flipped upside down in 11 days. Quite remarkable.

--- On Monday, when asked about his NCAA chances, Mick Cronin said "a win Wednesday would probably cap it."

Well, with not only a win, but a convincing one in the pocket, the national conversation switched from will they get in, to a team playing for seeding in March.

Only five teams own more than UC's four Top 25 RPI victories. They are 22-6 and 9-6 in the Big East. They suffered zero bad losses.

The folks at The Dagger put them in and mark them down as Wednesday night's big winner.

Ballin is a Habit says Book It, for now, and doles out the proper credit. As Rob Dauster points out, only Pitt and UC own more than one win on the road over a Top 25 RPI team. That's it.

CBS talks about UC adding the missing piece of its NCAA profile.

--- Is UC in? The magic number all season has been 10. One more win definitely locks it up. Even three straight losses and UC may have done enough.

This from Cronin last night on the Gtown win being the clincher:

"You're probably right, but I'm not interested in losing the next three. Sunday's a big game for us. You win games in February, they are all big. They get bigger as you get close to March."

--- That's the first time in seven years UC beat a ranked team on the road.

--- Still trying to wrap my head around two statistics from last night.

1) UC held Georgetown without a field goal for the first 10:27 of the second half.

2) Only Austin Freeman contributed more than one field goal last night for the Hoyas.


--- The team that leads the Big East in FG percentage shot 25 percent. Georgetown's lowest scoring total of the season prior to Wednesday was 55 against Notre Dame.

--- Mick Cronin mentioned in postgame a coach told him it was the worst shooting performance Georgetown turned in there in 10 years.

--- Bearcats Blog lets Kenyon Martin illustrate how UC fans feel today.    

--- The view from the other side at Casual Hoya was not so cheery.

--- By the time Justin Jackson leaves UC he may be one of the most beloved in the history of the fan base. He plays harder than anybody and shows more fire than anybody.

When he delivers the occasional points in the lane and plays with offensive confidence as he did last night (and in many other games in BE play) he provides the perfect punch at the 4-spot. His defense, hustle and ability at the top of the press make UC a complete five out there.

--- On that note, this tweet came from College Insider Jon Rothstein last night:

"I'd put Sean Kilpatrick + Justin Jackson against any other 1st yr Big East tandem. Both not highly rated out of HS"

--- We've heard that with the selection committe its not about avoiding bad losses but showing you can beat great teams.

Here's a look at teams with wins against Top 25 RPI foes. (H/t Lance McAlister/Jerry Palm)

Top 25 RPI wins
6: St John's, Notre Dame, Louisville
5: BYU, Pitt
4: Cincinnati, Georgetown, Syracuse, West Virginia,
3: UConn, Florida, Tenn, Villanova, Minnesota, Marquette
2: Kentucky, Ohio State, SD St, Purdue, Texas
Others of note
1: Kansas, Duke, North Carolina, Dayton, Miami Redhawks

--- When thinking about a play that defined last night's game, I shift from the 3-point bank shot to any number of steals out of the press, then settle in on a sure winner.

What did all of you think when you watched Yancy Gates battle, tip, fight and scratch for a rebound with multiple Hoyas and end up on the ground with it then eventually yanking it away and back out to the guards?

I thought: No way UC loses this game. Not with that attitude. Just incredible effort.

Gates finished with 17 points, 11 rebounds, 2 blocks (felt like more) and a fierce determination.

"Yancy was unbelievable tonight," Cronin said on 700WLW postgame. "He and Justin Jackson did a great job of bottling up the paint." 

--- When Dan Hoard asked Cronin what he said to his team after the win, he painted the picture of a fitting scene.

"They were all dancing around in there. By time I got in there, there was so much dancing going on. I just told them their defensive effort was off the chart."

--- Mo Egger is giddy. I'll be on 1530ESPN with him at 3:33 p.m. today if you care to listen.   

--- As for some randomness, not much can top the excitement of the Georgetown win. Though, Bell Biv Devoe reuniting and singing Poison last night comes close.

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