Big Win Bigger Turnaround

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Are we all relieved that UC beat Louisville and stayed in the NCAA tournament race? I would say so. Thank goodness Rick Pitino has always had trouble here and the way that UC team played everyone would have trouble winning here. It looked like a pack of vicious dogs or Bearcats were unleashed and U of L had no answer for either. It was a solid win, RPI booster, strength of schedule enhancer and a 20th win, giving UC an increase in wins for 5 consecutive years (if only my bank account did that).

I hope this team realizes in the Big East you have to play like this every night to have a chance at success. The loss to West Virginia and St. John has to be eating at the coaches because it could end up hurting in the end, if they don't keep playing like they do. With this team we have to wait; because it is somewhat a mystery as to which team will show up. I hope the momentum from this win will become a signature style of play down the stretch. 

But the bigger turnaround was the immature adult fans who chose to boo Yancy Gates during the end of the St. John's game. Don't get me wrong I am not happy with his effort night in and out and wasn't happy at that moment either. But to boo a young man as  if you at his age didn't mess up along the way was embarrassing. I could hear most of you telling your kids how to act and then display that kind of behavior. Thank you for rebounding with your emotions and giving the kid a nice ovation when he check in the game. The reality is Yancy is going to play as he always has; when he wants to and booing him won't increase the chances he will, and yes, cheering doesn't guarantee it either. But I like the chances of being positive and fair more than being immature and unfair. Yancy we want the best for you and the rest of the team; we adults sometimes can be hard on our youth, forgetting we didn't like it when adults were hard on us.

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat.

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