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You could have won back fans rooting for West Virginia; you could have shut the haters up; you could have made a statement to the Big East that UC understands playing in this league means there are no easy games even if the other team is short handed and one of the starters isn't playing. But the outcome went against everything that was on the line and 2 things deeply disappointed me: One, UC seemed to lose their heart after not scoring easy buckets and defensively their intensity was noticeably absent at crucial times. 

I don't pretend to know what goes on in the mind of an 18-21 year old no more than my parents knew what was going on in mine. But I do know what should be on the mind of a 18-21 year old in the Big East; playing for 40 minutes like it's your last game. I am anxious to see if the lost and their mental state carry over into the next game with a positive or negative impact. If they are who we think they are (apologies to Dennis Green), then this loss could be the catalyst to tighten up team chemistry down the stretch. If not then this team is going to hit a spiral like an Alfred Hitchcock Thriller. 

Every team in the Big East is in desperate mode because from week to week the top teams are getting beat not once but several times. We looked at Syracuse as the top team and they can't stop losing; UConn was a force but U of L went on the road and beat them. Georgetown, Villanova, etc. all have a roller coaster ride to show for their schedule thus far. And UC can't afford to give away home games after stealing road ones.

So up next is Pitt in Pittsburgh and they saw Notre Dame rock their home court so there will be no looking past UC. The Bearcats need to make a statement in this game and it better be something along the lines of Tupac Shakur..."Me Against The World". Because after that performance at home against the Mountaineers it has probably reverted back to that. The fans who came to potentially get back on the bandwagon found an easy excuse not to. I am hoping to find a reason to keep hope alive, but its up to them to convince each other more than me.

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat

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