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The Bearcats escaped DePaul last night with a much needed win but it was as ugly as ugly gets. Nonetheless in the Big East get what you can and don't look back; the posse might be gaining on you. UC is now 19-5 overall and 6-5 in the Big East, equally their league win total from last year.

And while the win and the record have its place in my column, so does Yancy Gates and his recent suspension. Word is he lost his cool in practice with one of the coaches and that cost him a complimentary trip to Pittsburgh where the Xavier Yancy may have showed up or the other one. We'll never know; but we do know he admitted his mistake and took responsibility for it. I can't say I am a fan of his because I would be stretching the truth, but I am a fan of his maturity. He was quick to admit his shortcomings and that he indeed deserved to be sanctioned. I don't know that I would have been that quick to admit it at that age but Coach Mick Cronin needed to remind not only Yancy, but the rest of the team that no one is bigger than the team. He didn't have to tell Rashad Bishop though; he already felt the wrath when UC went to New York last year without him costing him a trip back to his hood.

Yancy Gates needs to realize hard work pays dividends, not potential. He has a supportive family and I know they weren't happy to hear what happened. But they had to be happy to know that he is maturing as a person admitting his wrong publicly. I hope Yancy plays every game from here out as it he is playing against Xavier. That will ensure UC several more Big East wins and a trip to the NCAA tournament. He is big, strong and has broad enough shoulders to carry this team down the stretch. The question is whether he wants to or not. But after admitting his mistake we know he has matured off the court; but now can he mature on it? If they get to the dance it will be because Yancey Gates wanted to be there himself.

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat.

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Yancy Gates. No 'e.'

The end of the game, in particular the final 0.4 seconds, was as ugly as it gets. But not the overall game. The Bearcats shot better from the field (58.8 %) than they have in a long time. They were passing the ball well and making good decisions on shots. In the first half, the defense was stellar.

DePaul got hot in the 2nd half but the Cats still led by 8 with 1:35 to go. The 4 point play changed the game, bad defense there. But even with the missed free throws, a 6 point lead with 6 seconds to go. Then a long 3 pointer, then the ugliest 0.4 seconds I've ever seen.

Having said all that, if the Cats don't play better then they don't win another game during the regular season.