The Home Stretch

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This weekend's hint of spring-like weather reminds us that another basketball season is about to close. Only two more home games remain for Jamelle Elliott's second edition, next Tuesday against Syracuse, then the regular season finale February 28 against Marquette. So what have we learned?

One thing is very apparent, the Bearcats have not given up on the season, as difficult as it has been. This team plays with effort right to the very end. Coach Elliot, her staff and the players should be commended for that.

Second thing: The Cats no longer have fresmen on the floor. Yes, I know, academically they're still in their first year of school, but no group of freshmen have had this kind of initiation to the BIG EAST like this group. Experience is a terrific teacher, and when they come back as sophomores, they'll have a season's worth of lessons in the conference that will pay off big down the road.

Third thing: Jamelle Elliott has the plan in place. It will be an attractive proposition for skilled high school players to come into this program and play right away, and play for a proven winner.  

So if we could get a do-over for the season, what would you like to see? Well, I'd like to have two more years and two good knees for Shareese Ulis. When Coach Elliott came into the program she needed a point guard desperately, and Shareese has become the coach on the floor.

Speaking of, I'd like to see fewer crutches, fewer bandages and fewer players in street clothes. Injuries decimated this team almost from the start. You'd like to see what Coach Elliott could do with a healthy squad.

And, I'd like to see more fans. Sure, there were big crowds for UConn and Xavier, but there were some great games inbetween. Everyone's enthusiasm picks up with a bigger audience.

So come out for one (or both) of the remaining home games for the Cats. They've worked hard this year against very steep odds. They deserve your support.

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