6 Seeds Of Satisfaction

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It is now official; The University of Cincinnati is once again dancing in March and Mick Cronin should be somewhere saying under his breath "How you like me now!" Fresh from years of being berated and questioned; attacked and admonished, he can now smoke a cigar and plan to play basketball at the highest level outside the Big East.

With a number 6 ranking in the tournament seedings UC actually got some respect from the idiot committee. I don't think anyone understands the logic or lack thereof as to why some of the teams like UAB get in, but I digress and get back to the celebration of Bearcat basketball's return to March Madness. Their first game is against the Big 12's Missouri Tigers which means by buddy Billy Price and I will be rooting against each other in good nature. He wishes well for UC but as a Mizzou grad and supporter I do understand. Thank goodness for us Arkansas reportedly has said they're going after Mizzou coach Mike Anderson; lets hope its a distraction to our advantage.

UC also has the benefits in sight that come standard with the tournament and are available to UC for the taking; play well and several high profile players will sign to become the missing pieces. Win 2 games and become a sweet 16 darling. Become Butler of last year or George Mason of a few years ago and the merchandise revenue goes through the roof. Yes there are a lot of things that March Madness brings but the most important thing it brings, that this program has been sorely lacking, is respect. After hearing their name on the selection show, respect has extended the seal of approval to University of Cincinnati. I couldn't agree more. Congratulations University of Cincinnati; Mick Cronin, Rashad Bishop and Larry Davis. 4 years ago the mountain top wasn't visible but today neither is the valley. 

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat

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