Concrete Poured, Foundation Built

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When building subdivisions they always say phase I complete; Phase II underway. I would think the construction terminology fits the UC basketball team perfectly. The concrete was being poured and people were asking what are you building? It doesn't look like a program. That's not the way the last one was built. That's taking too long....all right already.

We have come to realize that Mick and his coaching staff have built a solid foundation and it does look like a quality program and one that can return to the NCAA tournament less than every 5-6 years. The exposure on TV via the Big East tournament and playing two rounds in the NCAA will help recruiting and reconnect some lost fans (you maybe?).

It did feel good to see UC's name called and even better to see them on all the brackets and game board in the studio. To see them respond to the pressure of Missouri's defense, and have solid success, erased even more haters from the inner circle who proclaimed allegiance to the University when convenient. To see them battle UConn and a sizzling hot Kemba Walker, thanks to Rashad Bishop playing his last game in the classic black uniform, was further proof that the concrete has hardened. What is showed was the typical Jekyll and Hyde team we saw at times this season didn't show up in the tournament.

I don't know if you're convinced that UC basketball is back but you have to admit that was one giant step in the right direction. Now if you take one giant step toward campus, it might be like it was; or even better...yes even better. Mick made it public that the fans were the difference once they showed up and got involved. So there's confirmation that you can make a difference with your presence in the building night in and night out.

With that I say congratulations UC Bearcat basketball; some of us actually think you had a successful season and believe the concrete has hardened. Now use that foundation to build a house that will stand the test of time and return UC back to the glory days when teams didn't want to play you and the fans were always behind you. Just put a couple of big picture windows in so the haters have a good view.

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat.

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