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Sure, it's a line from one of my favorite older movies starring Peter Sellers, but I really do look forward to March 13.

First off, it's the beginning of Daylight Savings Time. If we're fortunate enough to have sun that day, it might be up until after 7 p.m.

I enjoy daylight and I enjoy me a sunset from time to time. (English sticklers, I realize that's not an appropriate sentence, but for this column, I choose to remain unstructured me.)

More importantly, March 13 is Selection Sunday and for the first time in five years Bearcat fans have a reason to watch.

It was 2006 when we last watched. Unfortunately, the evening ended in disbelief as a team with one of the top "strength of schedules" and a Top 40 RPI was snubbed. (I still have great reservations over that decision.)

But, that's old history now and after great struggles in rebuilding personnel and respect, coach Mick Cronin has the Bearcats back in position to watch Greg Gumbel toss it to Clark Kellogg with the hopes of hearing their name.

I've missed Greg Gumbel (the less abrasive of the Gumbels).  I've always enjoyed Clark Kellogg's work and I like him more on games than in studio. I even miss the cantankerous Billy Packer.

Most importantly, I miss UC not being in the discussion or the equation.

This year, barring the unforeseen, unpredictable or unbelievable, the Bearcat GPS should find it's way back to "Bracketville".

I'm not naive enough to call it a lead-pipe cinch, but it seems safe enough to at least watch the program (and CBS could probably use your business).

Yeah, I'm a little hesitant when I see a Joe Lunardi or Jerry Palm make the Bearcats a No. 7 seed after a win at Georgetown, then waiver a bit four days later after a loss to an also-ranked Connecticut team, but how many folks can be wrong that have been pushing 11 teams from the Big East?

I do have concerns wondering about "back room deals" to keep the NIT afloat by including Big East teams, but at the very least, we get to watch the show with a dog (or in this case, a 'Cat) in the hunt.

Just go easy on the Jim Nantz as Augusta overkill soon follows.



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