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I thought UC was in the NCAA tournament after wins over Louisville at home and Georgetown on the road but some of my friends and colleagues weren't sure. Well after their impressive road win over Marquette can we finally celebrate the return of UC to the NCAA tournament dance better known as March Madness?

I mean people are sitting around biting fingers, saying IF, wondering aloud. They have 23 wins; they are 10-7 in the Big East which guarantees them their first winning record in the league and they are now working on a first round bye in the tournament with a win on senior day Saturday.

It has been a long road back with lots of bumps and bruises and you better win this year or else shouts from the rafters but they've done it so sit down. Mick Cronin, like his style or not, has brought UC back to a respectable standard with this seasons success and you should pat him on the back and his entire staff who have worked as hard and endured as much criticism as the head coach. Pull out your UC gear that you put away when Huggy Bear left and remember why you rooted for UC in the first place. You were probably home town proud or a proud UC grad. Both happen before Huggs or Mick showed up.

We cling to the past because we can't change it or more important we won't let it change us. The future of UC basketball should change you from a hater, bystander or naysayer back into a fan now. They did what you ask and that was to get back to the NCAA tournament where we belong. Now get your butt back in the seats this Saturday where you belong. The kids aren't convinced that you're for real either; but now we know they certainly are and congratulations are in order regardless of your allegiance to Mick or Huggs.

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat.

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