Bearcats Breakfast 4.1.11

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Yeah, that was fun. For all those who watched or attended Opening Day, I hope you took some time to soak in the moment, because there won't be many better than that.

It was just a great day to be in Cincinnati.

By the way, listening to Kerry Coombs talk about what makes Cincinnati and Opening Day great could be one of the coolest things you do today.  

Let's eat...

--- Loved Darnell Wilks rocking the UC throwback at the slam dunk contest last night. Also loved the show he put on. Wilks went pogo stick hops on his three dunks.

Here was dunk No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 thanks the good guys at BearcatLair.

Personally, I'll vote No.1 the best dunk on hangtime alone. Half Man, Half Amazing, indeed. Love to know how many followers @SilkyWilks15 gained after posting his Twitter address on the backboard. He's got crazy hops and marketing skills! 

All that said, Jacob Tucker stole the show. The kid is 5-10. Those are some unreal dunks for a kid whose almost eye to eye with Mick Cronin.

--- Spring practice still going in the bubble. Tommy G has you covered at Spring Practice Central. He chatted with DL coach Steve Selleck, er, Stripling. Legend status on that stache. And the guy can coach some defensive line. If he gets the same development this year he did last year from guys like Brandon Mills and Dan Giordano, this could be a formidable force up front.

Stripling also talked more about the development of Walter Stewart. The underrated aspect of his position and body change is he will be working every day with Stripling. Having the continuity of the same coach and constantly drilling the same position can expedite his progress.

--- I had this story on Alex Hoffman earlier in the week. Tommy G spoke with the senior lineman Thursday. More good stuff from Alex.

--- For those of you watching all these UC videos, I know you are now DVRing Swamp People. Don't be ashamed.

--- Brian Bennett put odds down on who would be the Big East Offensive Player of the Year and UC had two in the running:

Geno Smith: 3 to 1
Zach Collaros: 4 to 1
Ray Graham: 6 to 1
Isaiah Pead: 8 to 1
B.J. Daniels: 10 to 1
The field: 15 to 1

--- Good stuff from the UC baseball team visiting Walter Camp Army Medical Center. Everyone wants to focus on the negative aspects of college athletics, but stuff like this happens all the time with no recognition. Wish that wasn't the case, but understand the reality.

I'll at least do my little part here.    

--- On to some randomness...

--- Pete Rose knocked out more hits than any player in MLB history. And now, he juggles! (Seriously, what is this circus jacket? Did he lose a bet? Too soon?) 

--- 25 best baseball mullets. Incredible plumage. Unfortunatley, no skullets -- one of my favorite species of mullet.

--- The Hangover II trailer has me concerned this will be a huge letdown.

--- Poking fun at the Chicago Cubs is a tradition unlike any other.

--- However, the Cubs fan did deliver this gem.

--- Chris Rock is still the best stand-up out there. I enjoy listening to him talk about anything. I love listening to him make fun of the Mets.

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