Bearcats Breakfast 4.11.11

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Only five more days until Bearcat Bowl V at Nippert Stadium.

Although Butch Jones made it clear this event will be more of a glimpse into a UC scrimmage/practice than typical game, the event will still serve as a fun celebration of Bearcats football.

There will be events in Varsity Village, with youth clinic registration starting at 2 p.m. and the actual scrimmage/practice beginning at 5:30 p.m. Last year, the rain ruined much of the celebration and my socks, but hopefully a clean forecast. Right now the weather folks are calling for low 50s and showers. They are never wrong, so consider it fact.

And remember, much like love, admission to Bearcat Bowl V don't cost a thing.

Let's eat...

--- Cool event for local baseball fans on Tuesday and Wednesday down at Marge Schott Stadium. Even cooler for UC folks who never miss an opportunity to boo Xavier. The Joe Nuxhall Classic will be happening at UC. Xavier, Wright State and Miami will be there. The Cats take on the Muskies at 7 p.m. on Tuesday and will play either Wright State or MIami at 7 p.m. Wednesday.

--- UC took practice down to Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday. The trip provided an opportunity to enjoy the NFL surroundings the program will be experiencing twice next season.

Scott Springer provided some insight for us folks.

We've talked about the decision to move games down to PBS before, plus Jones and AD Mike Thomas spoke openly about the benefits of playing twice downtown.

To reiterate, from a strictly football perspective, recruiting college football is all about selling the NFL. If you can prove that players will be prepared for the NFL and show a track record of graduates who've made it there from your school, the players will come. Period. 

Playing two games in an NFL stadium adds to that concept.

Playing on NFL turf isn't revolutionary, particularly in the Big East where Pitt and USF play all their home games at those of their NFL affiliates. Don't think it's completely coincidence those two schools recruit as well or better than any in the conference.

Obviously, UC won't be alone. Here's a list of some games that were played in NFL stadiums last season.

--- Whether The Nip or PBS, the guys were excited to be outside and in the elements, from Butch Jones blog.

--- I understand the NCAA's concern here, but not sure how you police coaches viewing video on and other related recruiting sites. Here's some information into the latest battle waged against recruiting practices.

EDSBS suggests turning off the Internet here.

--- Great statistical research from the folks at Yahoo! here. The conversation is about the advanced metric of pass efficiency as a predictor of success in college football. The numbers provide a convincing argument. By absolutely no secret, the teams with the most efficient quarterbacks were the best in the country nearly across the board.

In fact, Zach Collaros was the only QB ranked in the Top 40 in the category (39th) whose team didn't make a bowl game. Most of that can be attributed to the defensive woes and turnovers.

In the bigger picture, however, that should serve as an encouraging prospect for this coming season. Collaros by all accounts will not only be as good as last year, but should be better. Owning a Top 25-type pass efficiency rating nearly guarantees success in college football according to the numbers.

In 2009, Tony Pike ranked 12th in the country in the statistic. In 2008, he ranked 35th.   

Establishing those numbers is still a matter of quality over quantity and a big reason Jones' spread attack with heavy doses of run game proved effective over the years.

--- In case you missed it Friday, here was my story on WR Anthony McClung.

--- Great piece from Bill Koch on the rough background of Kenbrell Thompkins , if you haven't seen it yet.   

--- An update on the up and down rookie season of Lance Stephenson, from the Indy Star.

--- On to some randomness...

--- File this under: Creepy, Photoshop.   

--- If you watched the Pirates 81 times a year, you'd be a little unruly, too.

--- You know, I just worry about people.

--- This is what those in business would call a "tough sell."

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