Bearcats Breakfast 4.21.11

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In case you didn't know, today is one of the greatest holidays of the year. The High-5 provides one of the great celebrations of the modern era. Many variations have broken out from this institution: the low-5, the side-5, the skin slip, the double-5 the rock, the blown up rock, the blown up rock with fireworks, the forearm bash and even the flying shoulder bump owns roots in the High-5 tree.

But nothing beats the original.

That's why today we celebrate National High-5 Day. And these guys put together a fantastic song commerating it. So, give out your high-5s in high quantity today.

Let's eat... 

--- The weather hasn't exactly cooperated with the UC football team this week. They had to break Tuesday's practice up into a second Wednesday session due to inclement conditions. Rain didn't show up Wednesday, but a wicked chill in the air sure did. It probably wasn't as bad for the players and coaches as it was for us weak scribes. All we look for is something to complain about and the weather is always scapegoat No. 1.

None of you will likely be giving me any sympathy, so I'll just move onto the story I put together with Mike Bajakian talking about the development of Zach Collaros.

Collaros is chasing down some of Gino Guidugli's records, as Bill Koch mentions in this blog.

This spring, Zach spent a majority of his time developing chemistry with a slew of new receivers. Specifically anyone who thought Collaros looked off during the Bearcat Bowl, should understand how many new wideouts are running routes right now.

"Zach is throwing a lot of routes to guys that he wasn't throwing to last year," Bajakian said. "We got a lot of guys moving around playing different postitons and trying to figure out where our best guys are going to fit in the best spots."


Apparently, Wednesday was Mike Bajakian Day at the Nip because he also spoke with Tommy G and the Butch Jones Blog folks. So soak up all the Coach Jake you can right now.

--- If you haven't been to Coach Jones Blog in a while, I recommend stopping over, there are a load of new videos up including Jason Kelce at the combine talking about being a walk on at UC, Letterman's Breakfast, alumni returning, Connor Barwin in Texas and much more.

The latest video is an analysis of the speed of practice with LB coach/co-DC Jon Jancek and OL coach Don Mahoney.

That topic was brought up when I asked Butch Jones about the specific things he's targeting this week after going through the Bearcat Bowl on Saturday.

"It's been refreshing to come back and work on some of the nuances as our team gets ready to head into the next phase of our identity," Jones said. "Our tempo on offense lining up. Fit things here and there. It gets us some good momentum."

--- Vice President of NFL Engagement Troy Vincent showed up at practice to talk with the Bearcats yesterday about life after football. First, he spoke with Tommy G, whose making the most of his life after athletic stardom*.

*Stardom may or may not have included actual athleticism.

--- Marshall announced UC hoops will partake in the Global Sports Shootout in a home-and-home series with the Herd over the next two years. Marshall will come to UC next year and UC will head there for 2012-13.

Marshall is now a member of Conference-USA and has made a habit of playing Big East teams over the last 5-10 years. They have not, however, made a habit of beating them.

Here is Marshall's record against power conference teams the last four years:


@Louisville, L, 80-66

vs WVU, W, 75-71



@UNC, L, 98-61

vs WVU, L, 68-61



vs Ole Miss, L, 82-78

vs WVU, L, 87-76



@Louisville, L, 85-75

vs WVU, L, 66-64

Marshall was 22-12 last season and lost in the first round of the mighty CIT tournamentn to my even mightier Ohio Bobcats.

--- Today will be a beautiful day. Let's play two. The Bearcats will oblige with a doubleheader at Marge Schott Stadium beginning at 4 p.m. They also play Friday at 3 p.m.

--- On to some randomness...

--- Minor league ballplayers and entrepeneurs are allowed to be in one package, apparently.

--- HBO may be developing a series based on the UC basketball bench of Darnell Wilks, Larry Davis, Sean Kilpatrick, Justin Jackson and Biggie McClain. Or it's based on the Pulitzer Prize winner: "Visit from the Goon Squad"  

--- Tim McCarver in autotune might be the only way he's tolerable.

--- Brian Scalabrine wins an award! And it's not best supporting ginger.

--- The Phillies robot which threw out the first pitch on Wednesday one-hopped it to the plate. Fittingly, the Philly fans booed. Philliebot complained about dead arm after, stating in translated Morse Code: I blame Dusty Baker.

--- Feel free to celebrate National High Five Day like Rob. I'm thinking the escalator at today's Reds game would be an ideal location.


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