Bearcats Breakfast 4.25.11

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After this month, I'm convinced UC will benefit if they could play every football game in the rain next season. They've been forced to practice all spring through what could be the wettest April we've ever experienced. All these wet reps will have this team ready to slop it up come the fall.

Saturday's final practice brought spring ball to a close. The team now moves into the summer strength and conditioning program and won't re-emerge publicly until August. There will be some position battles and freshman to evaluate, but a great majority of that time will be spent preparing for Austin Peay, Tennessee and a football season.

Until then, I'll bring as many offseason football stories as possible, but obviously, regular commentary is tough to come by with no real new information. No worries, I'm sure I'll find plenty of statistical tables and pie charts to make your head spin.

Let's eat...

--- Spring football is over, but here are the sights and sounds, courtesy Tommy G and the great folks at GoBearcats, along with direct comfirmation that the Bearcats employ the shortest trainer in the BCS in Bob Mangine. Funny stuff.

Pop over to Spring Football Central one final time and roll back through all the great coverage over there. Another fantastic showing by the crew.

--- Scott Springer spoke with Butch Jones and Zach Collaros about the spring, fall and Chazz Anderson experimenting at wide reciever.

--- Bill Koch wrote about concussions and UC being one of seven schools in the country to use the Dynavision D2 machine for baseline testing. Good read on a very important topic.

--- San Diego's Mike Windt and the Bengals' Kevin Huber returned to work with the Bearcats. Great of them to return. Let's be honest, they've got some free time on their hands.

--- Butch Jones will speak tonight with UC donors and other folks associated with the program during an informational dinner at Paul Brown Stadium. If it's like the meals I've had at PBS before, it should be tasty.

--- Bearcats baseball swept Villanova this weekend. Nice series for Coach Cleary and the crew.

--- On to some randomness...

--- Can we stop giving Colin Cowherd platforms, please?

--- Great read from Jason Quick of the Oregonian on the wild 48 hours this weekend for Portland's Brandon Roy. A interesting glimpse into the player and reporter.

--- A short film about a man and his mustache. Upper lip hair can change lives, people. And in this case, attract the attention of Amy Smart.

--- Apparently Paul Reiser has a new show....and it's already been canceled.

--- Boston Barstool points out a hilarious conversation explaining Easter to Hideki Okajima.      

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