Bearcats Breakfast 4.28.11

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Can't help but start out today by wishing the best to all those affected by the tornadoes that ravaged the South yesterday. Some of the pictures, like this one from the front page of the Tuscaloosa News, are tragic. Incredible devastation.

Hopefully, none of you knew anybody directly hurt by the disaster. You can help out victims by visiting the Red Cross web site.

And this may be the dumbest, most incredible thing I've ever seen on YouTube, and that is saying something. Not sure I would sit in a parking lot and watch a funnel cloud miss me by a matter of 100 yards.

Let's eat..

--- The folks pointed out that UC is second in the Big East for most players drafted since 2005. Here's the list: Louisville 21, UC 16, Pitt 15, Rutgers 13, Syracuse/WVU/UConn 11, USF 9.

Surprised by USF's low numbers. You always think about the athletes they recruit down there. That's probably the biggest indictment on the ranking of recruiting classes meaning little as far as turning out quality football players.

Take a look at some UC draftees since 2007 and where they went (numbers according to


John Bowie/DE/Raiders/4th round/No. 110

Brent Celek/TE/Eagles/5th round/No. 146


Haruki Nakamura/DB/Ravens/6th round/No. 206


Connor Barwin/DE/Texans/2nd round/No. 46

Kevin Huber/P/Bengals/5th round/No. 142

DeAngelo Smith/DB/Cowboys/5th round/No. 143

Brandon Underwood/DB/Packers/6th round/No. 187


Mardy Gilyard/WR/Rams/4th round/No. 99

Tony Pike/QB/Panthers/6th round/No. 204

Ricardo Mathews/DB/Colts/7th round/No. 208

--- Seven players drafted the last two years, including a second-round pick. Not bad at all.

--- Bill Koch touched on what I wrote about the last two days in the Breakfast, with an outlook on UC's draft hopefuls. Saturday will be the day for UC's prospects to live the dream.  

--- Brian Bennett touched on Zach Collaros' outlook entering the season. He talks efficiency, turnovers and being remembered as winners. Collaros' mantra comes as consistent as can be.

--- Bennett also mentioned JK Schaffer as No. 2 on his list of likely 100-tackle players next season. Schaffer touched 100+ each of the past two seasons. There's no reason to expect anything less in 2011.    

--- Rivals concluded its final Top 150 rankings for the 2011 basketball class. Shaq Thomas landed at No. 81 and Jermaine Sanders at No. 131. Those were the only Bearcats in the class.

--- Another reminder that Friday is UC Night at the Reds. Pregame festivities at BlackFinn from 4-6 p.m.

--- Mick Cronin roasted Bob Huggins last night at a charity event for cancer and had a great line on Twitter.

"Roasted coach Huggins last night for charity. Easiest thing I have ever done. Had to edit my material, i had about 3 hours worth!"

Huggins was roasted prior to the season at WVU, but Cronin wasn't a part of that one. He also mentioned on Twitter that he bolted early using the old bathroom trick. I like his style.

--- If you aren't following Cronin or any of the other UC coaches/staff on Twitter, here is the complete list

--- Some randomness...

--- Today is the 47th birthday of my favorite athlete ever, Barry Larkin. Still wear No. 11 to this day for any recreational team I play for.

--- To all the college and high school students reading this blog, you should already know my feelings on this topic, but now it's official.  Journalism is the most useless degree out there. What's more concerning? I wasn't surprised by this at all, but was surprised the pricetage they placed on the median starting salary. In a word: False.

--- Would you boo Roger Goodell tonight? I think I would. But I wouldn't hiss.

--- My favorite part of the NFL Draft is watching the reaction of frustrated Jets fans. MONTAGE! (With 30 percent more mullets!)   

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