Bearcats Breakfast 4.5.11

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Brief Breakfast today since I'm headed out to practice this morning. But, we'd be remiss if we didn't discuss the news of the day, which is Mick Cronin's three-year extension that runs his contract at UC through 2017.

The length of these deals mean very little. Coaches sign these long-term extensions all the time and end up leaving only a few years later. Also, coaches with even 5-10 years left on deals have been given extensions/raises because of performance. Shoot, coaches have been let go with several years left on their contracts. So, to think this contract won't be touched until it expires in 2017 is crazy. However, the great news is, probably more than any other coach with a long-term deal such as the one Cronin signed, he's at the spot he wants to be.

He's said that since Day 1 and officially backed it up Monday. Just as important, UC showed a committment to Cronin and the basketball program everyone's desired since the day the coach was introduced -- or at least enough to Cronin's liking that he signed this deal.

Stability and positive momentum own this program right now. Those are two incredible attributes to possess.  

Of course, Bill Koch was all over this story and here's his synopsis of the extension and Mick's take. He also has the terms of the deal.

Let's eat...

--- Nothing moves forward faster than college football/basketball the day after a championship game. Time for the absurdly too early preseason polls. If you want to know how much stock to put in these, I'm pretty sure UConn and Butler were nowhere near these polls last year at this time.

That said, UC is ranked No. 13 in this one from Lost Lettermen. Being a Top 15 or 20 team preseason isn't a terrible concept to think about.

--- As for UConn, they finish the year undefeated on neutral courts while winning the Maui Invitational, Big East tournament and NCAA tournament. They win an unprecedented 11 games in 27 days, all but three against teams that spent March in the Top 25 -- and one of those was Butler. What else can you say? They were best team in basketball. Period.

--- The two best in the game met in Houston: ESPN's Dana O'Neil and UConn's Kemba Walker.

Love this graph in the lede of her column talking about how Walker cooked for his teammates all the team: And so to the litany of Kemba Walker's talents, we now can add chef. The player whose combination of will and skill hijacked college basketball's postseason apparently can mix up a mean batch of tacos and macaroni and cheese. 

--- Does it make you feel better that UC lost to the national champion? Does from my seat. Not only to feel like your team lost to the best in the tourney, but to see the Big East earn the elusive first title since expansion means quite a bit.

--- I don't think these statistics hold water considering the defense in championship games would be considerably better than the standard output during the season. That said, I'm intrigued by the concept that these football domes are part to blame for the poor shooting we have seen in national title games.

--- George H.W. Bush and Dennis Rodman. Just old buddies catching up, I'm sure.

--- Jim Nantz went with, "The Huskies are the top dog..." It's no "Simon Says: Championship!" on the cheese meter. I had my theoretical money on "Crown Kemba King."  

--- Of course, as promised One Shining Moment. UC was represented as they inserted Yancy Gates crying on the bench into the depressing portion of the song. I had a feeling that would happen, but you can't hate on CBS, Gates provided the definition of compelling television and the unfiltered emotion college basketball carries with it.

Anyway, here it is.

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I'm really excited for what Yancy Gates will bring his senior year. He is constantly improving his game. He'll get his "One Shining Moment" next season. :)