Bearcats Breakfast 4.7.11

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A little groggy and a little foggy this morning, but nothing wakes me up better than a good, old fashioned season highlight video.

Here's the UC hoops season highlight from the banquet last night. My personal favorite play was in there, but only seen briefly. It was the Cashmere Wright diving steal against Rutgers which turned into a Rashad Bishop layup. I thought that play symbolized the spirit of this team and this season.

Oh, and I forgot how nasty the Dion Dixon dunk against Dayton was. In the words of Bill Walton, throw it down, big fella, throw it down.

Let's eat...

--- Classy move by UC splitting the Team MVP award seven ways among the six seniors as well as senior manager Scott Ratterman.

Without doubt, this senior class drove UC back to prominence and their leadership was evident all season. I know I made the argument for Bishop here yesterday, but this probably fits better for the theme of the season. This was all about team and when so many players contributed, it's difficult to pick only one.

Of course, Bishop did recieve the honor for best defensive player.

--- Mike DeCourcey places UC 18th in his preseason hoops Top 25, pointing out that 2011-12 was supposed to be this program's breakout year.

--- The seat selection process for games at Paul Brown Stadium has been announced by UCats. Check it out and act soon so you don't end up riding the long escalator of death like so many broken-hearted Bengals fans CBS shows at the end of every loss.

--- Dave Lawson talks about his strength and conditioning program the team endured over the last few months. Obvoiusly, with cases like Walter Stewart putting on 25-35 pounds and numerous others changing body shapes, it's working.

Almost every player I've interviewed this spring mentioned Lawson's program and how it's improved their game. The guy does phenomenal work.

--- Speaking of Stewart, his permanent move to D-line has been one of the hottest storylines of spring ball. Bill Koch takes his turn with this piece.

--- UC baseball game: $1 admission if you follow one simple step. Seriously, no better deal in town.

--- Some randomness...

--- Alec Baldwin says 30 Rock is ending next year. Love the show, but that's probably about right.

--- I showed you guys the new Hangover II trailer last week. Well, it was pulled from theaters for the nibbling of a promiscuous monkey. (BTW, Promiscuous Monkey, the less popular B-side of Nelly Furtado's hit Promiscuous Girl. Focus groups decided it didn't have a wide enough appeal)

--- Wait, so dogs can bark at us, but we can't bark at them? Frustrating.    

--- Justin Bieber is not a slumpbuster. (Calm down, it's not what you think)

--- I think we finally have an explanation for the illogical rise of Chris Berman.

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