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One thing about winning in college sports is that is makes schools that have underperformed look at other schools and declare war on their staff. Xavier just lost their women's basketball coach and the only thing I am left to conclude is that he couldn't do any better than he did with the wealth of talent he possessed. So to go to the Pacific Northwest and do what he did here would make him a saint and I guess that was the allure. Arkansas went after Mike Anderson who cut his teeth there but was initially content to stay at Missouri; but when they came back with something he couldn't turn down he left and with the blessings of his players.

So now word is other schools may be looking at Mick Cronin and some of his staff because of the 5 year job he has done with a program that was lower than a basement to start. They are thinking what could he do in 5 years with a program that has some stability and better facilities and/or the commitment to build them? I hope it's a question that never gets answered because UC might be wise, contrary to some public opinion, to secure his services at the going rate; or something close to it.

People get spoiled so quickly now they think what Mick did was no big deal because its been done and they're on to the next complaint. What I don't want to happen is another rebuilding period to set the school back yet again in the very competitive Big East aka Big Beast. While UConn is the only school left in the tournament, it is still the best basketball conference in the nation hands down. Any other team playing that schedule would truly understand.

So I know we are talking to Mick and I hope a deal would come sooner than later. In the world of coaching, money and length of contract speak volumes. Followed closely behind is the financial wherewithal to take care of your family. Selfishly, feeling appreciated is the trump card. I hope those who are inclined to decide the fate of UC basketball look at where we were when Mick arrived on campus and ask the obvious questions: Was it an easy job? NO and secondly did he get it done? YES

I think with those answers in tow, the negotiation process should happen rather quickly. What you do in these negotiations will set a precedent mid-court.

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat.


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