Bearcats Breakfast 5.2.11

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I won't wax poetic about the events of last night. I'll let the news people do the news thing. Plus, Mo Egger already got the job done this morning.

However, I do send out thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims of 9/11 and all those troops whose lives were lost in pursuit of last night's accomplished goal. Incredible courage and bravery. Proud to be an American.

Let's eat...

--- Congratulations to Jason Kelce, who joins the Bearcats factory in Philadelphia. Kelce ended up being selected in the 6th round, No. 191 overall. writes about an expectation of repeating the success of former Bearcats Trent Cole and Brent Celek, who currently star for Philly.

Cole was a fifth-round draft pick along with Celek. Kelce went a round later, but has the potential to step in and make a similiar impact. Mike McGlynn is listed as the starter and Nick Cole the backup currently for the Eagles, but Kelce brings a different philosophy. In fact, size-wise, the pick is surprising from Andy Reid and the Eagles. They've made a habit of drafting monsters up front. 

Here's their front five including the backup center:

C McGlynn - 315, C Cole 339, G Todd Herremanns 321, T Jason Peters 328, G Max-Jean Giles 358, T Winston Justice 320.

Kelce at about 295 pounds comes in as the quickest lineman in the draft, not exactly fitting the ogre mold of the Eagles. Perhaps that gives him an advantage and role he could fulfill nobody else could. We shall see, but Kelce certainly will be given an opportunity to flourish in Philly. He only needs to consult two of his teammates to know that. Look forward to seeing his development there.

--- The unfortunate flip-side to the draft was Armon Binns and Vidal Hazelton not being selected. Binns sent out this tweet not long after the draft ended:

"This has been the hardest day of my life, my faith is definately bein tested. But I kno God has a plan 4 me so Ima keep fightin"

Feel for Binns, great guy who hoped to hear his name called. I can only imagine watching that final round was excruciating for him.

That said, Adam Schefter broke out an eye-opening stat that should serve as hope for Binns: 23 undrafted free agents were in last year's Pro Bowl. That's not ever, that's last year alone. To think that not being drafted dooms any chance of an NFL career is lunacy.

Here's a list of the top 25 undrafted players of all time from The list includes Kurt Warner, Warren Moon, John Randle, Jeff Saturday, Nate Newton, Brian Waters and Tony Romo.

--- The same message goes out to Vidal Hazelton. He can't seem to catch a break, though, as I've mentioned here before, going undrafted might be a best-case scenario for Hazelton. He now can choose where he thinks would be the best fit for him. He's a huge Falcons fan and despite the drafting of Julio Jones, the Falcons are clearly looking for playmaking options at wide receiver. Sure feels like a nice fit from this seat.

--- Rutgers was the only Big East school without a player drafted. Pitt led the way with five, WVU and UConn each saw four players selected.

Brian Bennett allowed his thoughts on the Big East.

--- Interesting news out of N.C. State. The school released QB Russell Wilson from his scholarship per the quarterback's request.

Remember, UC hosts the Wolfpack in primetime at Nippert Stadium. Wilson terrorized UC last season in a game the Bearcats lost in Carolina, 30-19. Here's his season stats

His stat line that night: 26 of 40 for 333 yards, 3 TDs, no interceptions, for a 159.9 QB rating. Coach Tom O'Brien loves Mike Glennon, who reportedly took over the starting spot while Wilson played baseball in the Rockies system this spring.  

Even so, avenging the defeat feels much more feasible for the Bearcats today.   

--- I mentioned this on Friday, but here is more on Xavier signing 7-foot-5, 339-pound behemoth Sim Bhullar. (W/ video)

--- Some randomness...

--- Disturbing but well done piece on ESPN Outside the Lines this weekend about adults gambling on youth football games in South Florida. Crazy.

--- Community begins its two-part paintball extravaganza season finale. Bringing back the paintball episode, one of the great single episodes on TV in the last few years, should be fantastic.    

--- Even the Village People can't trust the police.

--- Here's the breakdown of how exactly how the attack on Osama bin Laden was executed. Can't wait to hear the story these guys tell.   

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