Bearcats Breakfast 5.25.11

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Thanks for some of the responses on Twitter (@pauldehnerjr) and Facebook at the Bearcats page yesterday regarding the UC triplets debate, even if some of you are filled with hate in your hearts.

As pointed out, the numbers about their return insist no more accomplished trio has returned to Clifton in recent history. But, the good folks at BearcatLair mentioned, those numbers will mean little in connection to the team's success unless the offensive line can create time to let them pile up more stats. The line will be the big question about the offense next season. That's no secret. Yesterday's discussion wasn't to discount that, but only to focus on the returning trios as Rivals brought up with their national rankings.

Yet, I digress and we eat...

--- Evan Daniels posted a new round of his recruiting class rankings. UC fell into line at No. 25. That's five spots in front of Xavier for those of you looking for dinner conversation in divided households.

Shaq Thomas is the only player ranked in the Top 100 (78) with Jermaine Sanders the No. 25 SF in 2011. What does this mean? Very little, outside of the continued move toward the "popular lunch tables in the cafeteria" as Mick Cronin likes to describe recruiting.

Daniels' rankings may not correlate to success, but kids pay attention to those. And if they think they are joining a perennial Top 25 class, that may be enough to sign on the dotted line.

--- Cashmere Wright wasn't a Top 100 prospect coming out of Georgia. Yet, he's turned into one of the best point guards in the Big East and the motor that drives the Bearcats.

BearcatsBlog put together a retrospective analysis on his season.

I point to his development when comparing his conference season stats to his OOC stats. His 8,9 points didn't change. His 1.7 A/TO ratio barely dropped. On the surface, it would seem Wright didn't progress as the season did. But when you consider the vast differential in talent between the OOC and Big East play, those numbers actually present significant spikes.

--- I'm not sure what Sean Kilpatrick is up to, but he claims this is a preview for a documentary about him. As long as he really is getting up and working out at 4:30 a.m., I think most UC fans would be thrilled.

--- UC finished third in the Big East APR among basketball schools for the 2009-10 school year.

--- Many different models for a 17-team Big East basketball tournament are being discussed. Trimming the final field to 12 teams is an option, as well as a 10-team first-day that eliminates five right off the top.

I'd personally be in favor of the 12-team format, if anything because the conference is so deep it rewards the top teams and punishes the worst much more. Forcing Pitt to play UConn in its first game last year was unfair.

Allowing even a team like DePaul to blow off a one-win conference season and still have a chance to play in March devalues the regular season and to a lesser extent, the trip to Madison Square Garden. That NY trip should be earned. Finishing in the top 12 of 17 shouldn't be too much to ask.

This also eliminates the hated double-bye system where lower seeded teams show up in a two-game rhythm before the ball is even tipped. 

--- Jim Calhoun said he could see a split between the basketball and football schools of the Big East in the next 4-5 years. He also said, if that were to happen, he could see a reformatted basketball only Big East adding Dayton and Xavier. UD and XU would have to jump for joy at that opportunity. Specifically Xavier with the way they are running through the lesser A-10 right now.

As for that possibility, it's looked at as a last resort, but the game changes over five years. Did anyone see this possible seismic shift of football conferences coming five years ago?

The move wouldn't be terrible for UC. The core of the basketball powers would stay together while becoming more prevalent nationally in football.

Of course, as Marvin Lewis likes to say, "we don't want to speculate on speculation."

--- Butch Jones spoke to Andrea Adelson about the open No. 2 QB position. Nothing new here, but when Butch speaks, I link. So here you go.

--- Baseball players Justin
Riddell, Justin Glass and Braden Kline each were named All-Big East on Tuesday. Riddell earned First Team honors. He ranked second in the BIG EAST with 29 runs batted in during conference play. He also finished in the top 10 in batting average (.361) and slugging percentage (.546) in league games.

Riddell is a senior, but the good news is both Glass (freshman) and Kline (junior) will be returning next season.

Here's video of the awards presentation. Unfortunately, there is no opening dance number. 

--- Another reminder, UC baseball opens the Big East tournament today at 1 p.m. against St. John's. Keep track of all the action here.

--- Dominick Goodman has
done a great job marketing himself since he left UC. Goodie's Corner has been a popular blog and he's also used UStream/YouTube quite a bit to keep everyone up to date.

He's currently playing for the Cleveland Gladiators and the team web site caught up with him for a series of questions. His mother will be pleased to know he cleans his room until it's spotless every game day.

--- Some randomness...

--- I feel like its a bad omen if your dinosaur catches on fire the day before your Dinosaurs Alive exhibit is supposed to be opening. Sidenote: May 30 is the last day to pick up the Season Gold Pass for only $99. It includes free parking all season, which if you go to Kings Island even a little bit over the summer makes it well, well worth it.

--- Must read of the day comes from the USA Today. It's on the Warrior Games, an Olympics style competition for wounded, ill or injured war vets. Incredibly well done.

--- We bury Barry Bonds regularly for being a jerk, we should also give him pub when he does something admirable. He's going to pay for college for Brian Stow's kids.

--- Derrick Rose goes
all NBA Jam. This, of course, before he couldn't finish in the fourth quarter, again. Though, it's tough when he's fighting three against one.

--- Today is Oprah's
last show. I have to assume the amount of merchandise given away to the audience could feed a third-world nation. Here's Boyz II Men and Jimmy Kimmell giving the ultimate tribute.

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