Bearcats Breakfast 5.4.11

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Not a great night for Cincinnati baseball. The Reds slept through another home loss and the Bearcats didn't play well in a loss to Otterbein.

Here was Brian Cleary's reaction to the 6-4 loss on Twitter:

"Certainly disappointed in our result and our performance. Outplayed in every part of game. Congrats to Otterbein on a well played game."

That about says it. Soon to be Bearcats Beat Cover Boy Nic Spence enjoyed a big night as his offensive upswing continued with a 4 for 5 night. Beyond that, not much went well at Marge Schott Stadium. The good news is the Cats have a chance to rebound tonight against Wright State.

Let's eat...

--- Bill Koch posted a blog on the 2012 draft prospects for UC's players. I won't rehash his list, here's the blog.

Bill rightly places DT Derek Wolfe and RB Isaiah Pead as the most likely candidates for a selection.

In fact, both are listed among Mel Kiper's Top 5 at their position for returning seniors next season. (Insider)

Here's the RB list in case you don't give money to the WWL.

1. LaMichael James, Oregon

2. Dan Herron, Ohio State

3. Isaiah Pead, Cincinnati

4. Doug Martin, Boise State

5. Brandon Bolden, Ole Miss.

Here's the defensive tackles list:

1. Jared Crick, Nebraska

2. Mike Martin, Michigan

3. Mike Daniels, Mizzou

4. Jaye Howard, Florida

5. Derek Wolfe, Cincinnati

Being on the list represents an achievement and an ode to the performances of both Pead and Wolfe to this point in their career. Certainly, neither guarantees a spot in next year's draft. Unfortunately, Armon Binns was on the same list last year and wasn't able to find his way onto the draft. That's not a knock on Binns in the least, only pointing out how much the board changes over the course of one season.

I fully expect Derek Wolfe to be the best defensive lineman in the Big East. I've said it here recently and will say it again, combine his raw talent, physical superiority, senior season urgency and talent around him  and he's set up perfectly to break out.

The same opportunity exists for Isaiah Pead. A full, healthy season and increased execution of the offense as a whole could allow his stats to skyrocket. Bottom line, I can't imagine his speed and game-breaking ability not ending up in somebody's draft plans.

As proven by Cam Newton and Nick Fairley -- did you know those two this time last year? -- so much can happen between now and then.

--- Kentucky players held an NBA combine for the scouts to see their four draft eligible players work out. With the early entry deadline already tight and soon to be tighter, I'd look for more and more schools to institute this pro day concept.

It might not happen at UC where there haven't been many early entrys -- sans Lance Stephenson -- and likely won't be many in mass quantity in the immediate future. For the one-and-done factories like UNC, Duke, Kansas, UK, etc., this makes sense.

--- Among the players into the final hour of their decisions right now is Pitt guard Ashton Gibbs. Bearcats fans certainly would love to see Gibbs go pro, but having to make snap decisions on one of the toughest spots in their young life seems incredibly unfair.

--- The PAC-12 signed a mega-deal with ESPN and Fox worth $3 billion. The Big East is reportedly amid negotiations with ESPN on a new TV deal. How much they garner will go a long way toward fulfulling a few luxuries both the basketball and football program are after.

--- Some randomness...

--- There are many reasons I wish I had more hair: avoiding skullburn, shaking off water in the pool, general attractiveness. Shaving three-syllable words into my head is not among them.

--- Wasn't watching Heat-Celts at the time, but my Twitter had a mini-explosion when this move happened. D-Wade embarrassing KG.

--- This is the ideal result for everytime an idiot fan runs on the field -- outside of being Tased.

--- Let Derrick Rose's emotional speech accepting the MVP and thanking his mother remind you that Sunday is Mother's Day and you have a long way to go if you plan to give a better gift than Rose's.  

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