Bearcats Breakfast 5.6.11

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I hope everyone enjoyed a slight reprieve from the Breakfast yesterday, instead subbing in the feature on Nic Spence. If you didn't read it, you are a disappointment and ill-fitted to attack the day. All that can be erased by going to it here.

An extra day gives a few more Breakfast items to get to, some of which are already more than a day old, so I'll jump right in.

Let's eat..

--- Don't worry, Dan Hoard isn't going anywhere. The Voice will be adding the Bengals radio duties to his resume as he takes over for Brad Johansen.

Personally, I think Brad is one of the best in the business and it's unfortunate somebody great has to lose a job for somebody great to gain one. That said, any Bearcats fan can attest to Dan being the most deserving guy in the country for the gig. The fact he isn't leaving UC makes the move even better for those of us following UC.

Actually, we'll probably see more of Dan than previously. The job allows his family to move back to Cincinnati and he'll be spending more of his time in the city and accessible for mid-week interviews, etc, instead of constantly racking up Delta miles. 

When reached for comment Delta would only allow they are disappointed for the loss and scrambling to find ways to resecure the income.

--- Staying along the lines of local media, the Cincinnati Basketball Hall of Fame will be holding its spring banquet and inducting nine into the HOF. Among those is Steve Logan.

It will occur Wednesday at Receptions in Fairfield. An individual ticket is $50. Here's the details.

More importantly, the event, emceed by George Vogel, will include guest speaker Charlie Coles. Anyone who follows this blog at all knows my affection for Charlie. I would pay to attend his press conferences after games. Hearing him put together an act for an event like this makes me want to drop all plans to attend. You won't want to miss it.

--- Filed under "interesting but essentially irrelevent," new signee Cheikh Mbodj ranks 8th in the class of 2011 by which asserts itself as the No. 1 spot for the highly sought after juco recruit rankings. They also rank God's Gift Achiuwa No. 24, hurting their credibility.

--- Brian Bennett on top of the game as always talking about the Big East TV deal. Expansion means little on the priority list compared to inking a lucrative television contract on par with the other BCS schools. The numbers shortfall of the current deal is alarming.

--- The Bearcats have done a better job than every school but one (Utah) this century of turning lower recruiting classes into NFL caliber players, this according to collegefootballmatrix.  

We could call this the Brian Kelly corollary. Kelly made a living of recruiting guys off the radar, knowing he could find a way to help them rise to the next level. Say what ever you chose about Kelly, he could turn coal to gold on the football field. A number of former Bearcats collecting NFL paychecks (or at least will be at some point in the near future) owe their cashflow to him.  

--- Taking Gus Johnson away from the NCAA tournament is like taking One Shining Moment away from the National Championshp Game. It will still be intriguing, but not nearly what we all know it can be.

A sad day for CBS if they never come to terms.

--- Gary Williams retirement came as a shock to most. Though, apparently the decision didn't come out of the blue for those close to him.

Bottom line, this restarts the coaching carousel. As I heard names like Jay Wright mentioned for this job, it made me think: Would a top-tier ACC job like Maryland be a step up from any school in the top 3/4 of the Big East?

The Terrapins have money to spend on a hoops coach, but name me one job not named Rutgers, DePaul, South Florida, Seton Hall or Providence you would leave and move to College Park, Md.

Unless a coach held a significant grudge against the arduous Big East schedule, battling a conference packed with Hall of Fame coaches and consistently recruiting the best players in the country makes it a no-brainer.

Money talks at the end of the day. So, backing the truck up to Wright's frontyard would probably be enough to find an Armani store in Maryland, but it won't be for competition or prestige.

--- Jamal Coombs-McDaniel drained a number of big shots for the Huskies during their title run. He has been granted his release after Jim Calhoun told him he wasn't going to play more and to take a hike. That's more good news for the Bearcats.  

-- Randomness...

--- The Home Alone house is for sale. I assume the paint cans attached to ropes are still in tact.

--- I would take a 81 mph slider to my back to prove a point, but not anytime soon.

--- Maybe he'll construct his own jail cell out of legos.

--- Hope everyone enjoys a prosperous Kentucky Derby weekend. Can't think of the Derby without thinking about absurd hats, C-list celebs and Secretariat. Here was Secretariats record-time victory in 1973.

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Have you seen God's Gift play? Have you seen the majority of junior college basketball players play multiple times all season? We have seen him 4 times in person. A lot of hype surrounding him. Solid player, but not top 10. Just wanted to give that info since you think it makes the rankings less credible having him at 24. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Thanks for your input.