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Hey Everyone!

  Sorry for the long delay for posting. My life has been quite hectic these past two weeks after working 3 soccer camps, games, workouts, and trying to keep up with the World Cup! Needless to say I cannot wait for a break come this Saturday!!

  Soccer camps have started at UC! Last week, Hebs, Sanam, and I helped work the UC Men's soccer team's camp. It was a VERY hot week with the Gettler turf reaching 119 degrees so despite the weather we had a great time! I worked with the 6-8 age group with Mike Brizzi with the men's team and boy did we have our hands filled! All of the campers were filled with personalites!  It was a good time and I think the campers had a lot of fun and learned a lot about soccer and how to become a better player. I really love when we get to interact with young fans because it really shows us as players just how important our presence is for younger kids. They look up to us and for them to interact and "hang out" with us for a week was just as rewarding for them as it was for us!

  This week the women's team mini-day camp and overnight camps started and it has been CRAZY with both camps overlapping. I am working with EK and JoJo so that has been a lot of fun! The campers have been good and it has been nice to use the CRC facilities to go swimming! Tomorrow is favorite jersey day so I am expecting to see a lot of Abby Wambach and Messi jerseys like I did when the boys camp did jersey day!

  After working camps all day, our UC team has started to play pick up at night with the incoming freshman and players already back on campus to prepare for season! It's hard to believe that our season starts just two weeks from tomorrow but I can hardly wait! So far pick up has been going really well and the intensity has been great. We really have been getting after it and making the most of our time. I can't wait till everyone is back on campus and we can officially start training for the 2011 season! It should be a GREAT season and I know many of us can't wait to get started!!

  It's really hard to believe that we finish our summer in two short weeks. We just finished up W-League play for Dayton with a 6-1 win over Fredricksberg on Saturday. It was a great way to finish off our season. We unfortunately finished 2 points behind Charlotte for the playoff spot but for taking third place in our division as a new team is quite an accomplishment! It was such a fun season and great to play over the summer to keep us in shape for  the upcoming season!

  Well I'm off to help JoJo get dinner ready for the overnight campers--baked ziti and salad from La Rosa's--then it's back onto the field for a night training session with the overnight campers! Should be a good one!


Go Bearcats---RAWRRRRRR!

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