Chicago Trip!

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This week is a special edition of Kickin It With KJ, Jae, Cravenor, Buczek, and Christi with guest star Kate Schmidt. Sunday we opened up the season with our first win against crosstown rivals, Xavier. The team prepared for the game with a dinner at Ashley Daniel's house. We came out strong with a goal in the first 25 minutes. It ended the game with a 1-0 win! We dominated the Musketeers, claiming the title of Cincinnati. The W was followed by Jazmine Rhodes leading the team through the O-Cheer and a much needed off day on Monday. This week the girls came out focused for a challenging week of practices. Jersday we left for chi-town and drove through downtown while KP gave the bus a "tour" of her home state. We went straight to Northwestern's field on the shore of Lake Michigan only to be attacked by spiders in the restrooms. Tonight at 7:30, Central Time, we're gearing up against Northwestern in hopes to bring home our second win of the season. Currently, KP is braiding the teams hair while singing country music, Jae is not happy. The girls focused and ready for the game tonight and cannot wait to see more of Chicago on Saturday. Hopefully we'll take a trip to the beach if we win!

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