Done with Preseason!

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Hey Everyone!

  We finished up preseason with an exhibition game against Ball State Friday afternoon in Muncie. We played three 30 minute periods and everyone got a chance to play which was awesome to see. Despite the 1-0 loss, there were some really great things that came out of the game which will only help us prepare this week for our season opener against Cal Poly Friday night!

  We treated yesterday's practice like we would any Saturday practice in between a Friday-Sunday game swing. We started off with a warm up, followed by another jog and stretch with Amanda and a technical warm up with Michelle. After we had finished warming up we played two 15 minute halves to get our legs moving again and it looked awesome. We were moving the ball with purpose and were making the right decisions on and off the ball for each other which made the game easy!

  After we finished our practice we had about 20 minutes to shower off and get ready for our team social! Mrs. Ballinger (Logan's Mom) organized a pool party for us at a friend of her's house and it was so much fun! We pulled up to the house and we were greeted by the house owners and Mrs. Ballinger, who had a gift for us. Each girl got a large towel with their name stitched into it, perfect for trying off after the pool! Once we walked into the back yard there was SO much food and drinks, it was sort of overhelming! There was a pool with a volleyball net that some girls got a game going. There was bags (or corn hole as Ohio-ans call it!!) along with French darts in the back that a few of us got a little tournament going (I swear Tiff and Scott cheated at bags!). We all swam for a while, played some games, and just hung out. After all the munching on the snacks laid out we had barbeque chicken for dinner followed by a make your own sundae station which was amazing! Once we left the house I'm pretty sure no one could move we were all so full!

  Today we are preparing for practice as if it is a game and doing an inner-squad Red vs. Black scrimmage. This will help to prepare our freshman for the way we prepare for Friday-Sunday games during the season. It's really great that we can get them all prepared for Friday-Sunday games before we actually have them so they know what to expect! Hopefully the weather stays nice as it's looking a little cloudy out!

Go Bearcats---RAWWWWWR!

KP #14


Me, Kay, and Erin at the loading dock before we left for Ball State.



Some teammates after the Ball State game.


 Some of the girls during the team volleyball game!



Senior class picture at the team social!



The incredible ice cream sundae line!


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