New Year, New Faces

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Hey Everyone!

  Well we are on our third day of preseason and things have been looking good for the Bearcats! We started off our 2011 season with compliance, academic, equiptment, and social media meetings on Tuesday afternoon followed by a team dinner at Martino's. Our equiptment this year is awesome, especially our travel suits for away trips that came about two sizes too big (Check out the picture below)!! Practice and two-a-days officially started Wednesday morning at 7am with the beep test! We ended up having 15 girls pass our first fitness test which was a great start to the year. After our test we had an hour delay because of the weather so we ended up starting playing at our afternoon session Wednesday.

  Wednesday afternoon started with defending and we certainly got after it! We worked on defensive shape as well as some 2v2's and 3v3's before playing full sided for about 40 minutes. We tried a lot of different players in a lot of positions to see what will work best for us this fall. After the afternoon session it was off to the cold tub to ice our bodies down and team dinner.

  By Thursday morning we were already starting to feel a little fatigued so we made sure to do some extra stretching with the coaches before our session to make sure no one pulled a muscle. We continued with our defensive theme Thursday morning and did a 3 box drill to work on defensive pressure from the first defender, support from the second defender, and cover from the third defender. It was a good way to incorporate defending while playing one of our favorite games! After that we scrimmaged and played a little game of Blondes vs. Brunettes, one of our favorite shooting games. Unfortunately the blondes came away with the first win but the brunettes are ready for a rematch this afternoon! Thursday's afternoon session was all about switching the point of attack and how we defend once the point of attack is switched. It was a really great session that showed how a system can break down if we allow the other team to switch the point of attack.

  This morning we ran the SEBCO test which is a mixture of soccer skills and fitness. This time 18 players passed and we have about 12 girls who are 2 for 2 with passing the fitness tests which is awesome! It's so good to see our team coming back in shape and it motivates everyone so much to see your teammates working their butts off to pass these tests. We had to run in 3 groups because we have such a large team this year so it took about an hour and a half to finish everyone because each test group has 25:30 to complete the test. It was great to have plenty of people cheering you on as you crossed the line after your final 120 knowing you had passed the test.

  So far preseason has been really good both on the field and off the field. Girls are really buying into what we represent at UC and I cannot wait to see how our hard work shows during the season. We have already come so far from past years and I only except us to keep going up from here! With a few hours before our next session I am about to take a quick nap before heading back to the locker room to get ready for our next session!

Go Bearcats---RAWRRRRRRR!

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Katie  Johnson, Me, and Kate Schmidt looking awfully intimidating in our new travel suits!!

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