Stranded Seniors

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Hey Everyone!

  2 more days till our preseason game and the Bearcats are looking good! Despite some injuries, the heat, and some tired legs everything is starting to look really sharp as we start to finalize things before our game against Ball State Friday. This year our team has really stepped up professionally as a team. We have a different approach to everything we do and it looks like it has already paid off. Everyone is on the same page with everyone else as we move forward in our journey of the 2011 season.

 We were given Sunday off and it was SO nice to sleep past 7 am! The whole team met up for treatment and lunch which was good to see everyone still taking care of their bodies despite the day off. Monday we were back on the pitch ready to get back after it again! We started with another fitness test 120's and had 13 girls pass which is AMAZING for such a hard test! 120's are a very challenging, mentality based test and I was so excited to see so many girls push through the mental part and pass it! After running we opened it up a little bit and have started to go big sided more, stopping throughout to show the new players and refreshing the old players about what to do in certain situations on the defensive end. It has been a lot of learning but players have really caught on quickly.

  Tuesday morning was all about switching the point of attack and moving quickly from defending to attacking and spreading out and vice versa of attacking to defending and how to pinch in and get into our shape. We really worked out some kinks and it was was obvious that everyone understood their roles when switching because the afternoon session looked great with how we adjusted when we won the ball or when we lost the ball.

  This year the coaching staff has decided to take each class out for dinner during preseason to get more individualized with evertyone and tuesday night the coaches took the senior class out to dinner! We went to Buckheads at Newport on the Levee and it was a great time! We were all having so much fun talking to the coaches about our season, our families, and the players grilling the coaches with a million questions. It was a great night up until we were about to leave. Erin Petree drove all 7 seniors in her SUV and after we had finished dinner and went to the car to come back to Clifton we realized the car wouldn't start! Petey called AAA and they sent someone out to get us but that wasn't before we all tried to figure out what was wrong with the car ourselves! We had our phones out, car hood popped trying to use our best Google skills to determine what was wrong with her car! We all decided it was her starter and sure enough once the tow truck guy got there he said it was her starter! He worked on it for a few minutes and we were ready to head back to Clifton in no time!

  Today we were given the morning session off to rehab and get treatment before we head to lifting at 1:30 so we are all heading into the training room to do extra pool workouts, cold tub, hot tub, stretch, get stim, or whatever will help our bodies feel recovered! It's a long season and the last thing we want is avoidable injuries! I'm off to help Tiff carry some groceries to our locker room! The coaches have been AWESOME about making sure our fridge and cabinets are filled with food and drinks! Make sure to gametracker our game Friday versus Ball State if you are unable to make it out to Muncie to support the Bearcats!

Go Bearcats---RAWWWWWWR!

KP #14


Seniors hanging out while the AAA guy works on Petey's car in the backround!

Top Row: Lauren Romanelli, Kay Young, Erin Kaufman, Me, Logan Ballinger

Bottom Row: Emily Hebbeler, Erin Petree

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