Austin Peay To Tennessee

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The University of Cincinnati did exactly what they were supposed to do in beating Austin Peay 72-10. They unleashed their potent offensive weaponry and made a statement worthy of an opening game on their schedule. 

Now they head south on 75 to play in the reality of the SEC and Neyland Stadium, home of the Tennessee Volunteers and their 102,455 fans. To put that in perspective, you can literally put 3 NIppert Stadium crowds together in their stadium for one game. That means the noise level will be challenging for Zach Collaros and the offensive line this week; and I mean challenging. But isn't that why they come to a school like UC? Not only to play in a BCS conference but to play major competition. So we'll see who embraces the stage with the confidence and preparedness of a champion, and who becomes the deer in the headlights in part because they're not ready to play. 

One thing that always happens in road games of this magnitude are turnovers. They usually hurt the road team more than the home team. If the Bearcats can keep the turnovers to a minimum, or even better, not at all and the coaches put together a good game plan they most certainly can win. UC has plenty of experience on this team and Peyton Manning won't be suiting up for the Vols. 

The excitement will be evident; the media will be present; and the Volunteer football team will try to intimidate the Big East representative before the game begins. This weekend will be revealing for the UC coaching staff as they'll know when the clock runs out who is worthy of wearing the C-Paw and earning their confidence and trust for the remainder of the season.

I won't be surprised if UC wins, I think they have the capacity and talent to achieve. I am still waiting to get one key question answered and that's how they'll handle adversity compared to last year. Lets hope I don't get the answer this week because they will have put the game away down the stretch. But if I do get an answer I hope it's worthy of a champions response where everything is left on the field in battle. It's the only answer that will suffice; if every one can look each other in the eye and know they all gave the same effort in support of their teammates and UC. 

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat

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