Bearcats Breakfast 9.14.11

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Preparation for the coming of Zippy continues today for the Bearcats football team. I will say, from what I saw yesterday out at the facility it was a pretty intense practice. There was a lot of emotion out there. Now, there usually is a lot of emotion at a Butch Jones practice, but this was absolutely more than I had seen in a while. Some angry, some frustrated, some pleading, some excited, but all amped up to extremes.

Not sure what any of that means for this week and whether or not that's a good thing for Akron week, but obviously the situation has had an effect on the players.

Let's eat...

--- People wanted to
talk about the defense? Shocking.

Bill Koch with this piece on if it can be saved.

Dan Hoard relaying words from JK Schaffer: Don't give up on us.

I posted a blog yesterday with Jones' perspective on the D.

Andrew Force revisiting the DB concerns ($$$).

The News-Record takes its shot at the defense.

One of the toughest elements of the defensive struggles against Tennessee was the fact no personnel changes are going to happen to bring in new blood to not make the mental mistakes coaches said littered the contest.

"We don't have the luxury where if he doesn't make the play, bring the next guy in," Jones said. "We don't have that luxury in our program right now. We have to do a better job of coaching the fundamentals."

The good news? There are plenty more opportunities to correct the mistakes made in Knoxville. That begins Saturday against Akron, who eases the team back into the schedule.The Zips are 118th in the country (out of 120) in total offense. They average 179.5 yards per game and 3.3 yards per play.

---  If you want to
watch Jones speak at Tuesday's luncheon, here is the full video.

--- The tough Week 2 for the Big East pushed it back to 7th in's conference power rankings. The BE is one spot behind the Mountain West.

--- Things could be worse, UC fans. You could have just lost to Florida International. At home.

Charlie Strong doesn't know if his Louisville team can beat Kentucky right now. Well, neither do I. But it's one thing to believe it, it's another to say it.

--- Meanwhile, the skies have opened and its raining Wannstaches and puppies all over Pittsburgh as they try to figure out what the heck is going on with their team.

--- Here's the latest on conference expansion, which draws closer and closer to the extinction of the Big 12 and consequent free-for-all. When Texas to the ACC pops up as a legitimate news story, you know it's all about to hit the fan. Buckle up.

Florida State is trying to be proactive and has formed a realignment committee so they are ready to make the right move once the dominoes fall in their direction.

--- Some randomness...

--- In case you haven't seen Juan Francisco launch a ball onto Mehring Way, here you go.

--- #TatFail

--- Imposter Sports Fans are everywhere. Be aware of them.

--- For all of the car geeks out there: here is the greatest drag race ever with 11 of the world's most powerful street cars on one track.

--- With all the talk about UC returning to the practice field trying to right the wrongs of the Tennessee game, all I could think of was Men at Work. Plus, this video makes everything better.

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