Bearcats Breakfast 9.27.11

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Today is the weekly brief Breakfast before the media luncheon. Followed by the weekly reminder to look out for more on the blog this afternoon. And a weekly reminder to follow me on Twitter for updates. (@pauldehnerjr)

And the weekly awkward segue from self-promotion to news.

Let's eat...

--- There are no times
available for the Louisville game yet, for those of you wondering. We should hear that sometime next week. Don't worry, as soon as it's available you can find it on the blog.

--- Saturday's game against Miami will not be on local TV, it will only be on

--- Butch Jones talked about
the importance of the Miami rivalry Monday on his teleconference. A few years back Brian Kelly suggested UC was beyond the Battle for the Victory Bell. It made for great headlines, but Jones much more believes in the traditions of the university.

Bill Koch talked about it in today's Enquirer.

--- I'm a little late on noticing, but has a load of great behind-the-scenes videos from last Thursday against NC State. Locker room footage and other goodies from the night. Including much dramatic musical accompaniment courtesy AC/DC.

--- This bowl prediction might draw the interest of the UC fan base: UC vs ND at Yankee Stadium.

--- Rick Pitino is unafraid
to voice his opinions about this whole realignment deal. He did so on his blog again this week.

If you listen to rumors you have probably convinced yourself the Edmonton Eskimos will be joining the ACC by now, but for what it is worth the latest rumors are about Louisville possibly being offered by the Big 12. Also, WVU to the SEC coming via Wednesday press conference. This is as likely to change as the weather, but it is the current narrative across the rumor mill.

All I will say on that is, UC sees itself paired with Louisville. If the Cards were to make a jump, the Bearcats would be tempted to follow.

--- Randomness....

--- Syracuse is taking heat for booking Tone Loc for their Midnight Madness celebration. People are claiming they are out of touch and not hip. I think it's awesome. Funky Cold Medina is one of the coolest songs of all time. Of course, I am 30 years old and incredibly uncool.

--- Apparently Jason Alexander now has hair. This is as traumatizing as finding out Blues Traveler's John Popper was skinny. Being bald, much like Popper being obese, was, you know, his thing.

Of course, linking to this scene is inevitable.

Do you see the irony in this thing, George. YOU'RE BALD!

--- Reason No. 7,934,821 why the NFL is the strongest model in all of sports. This picture.

--- From the "Headlines you didn't need to tell me" department.

--- The top five signs
of College Gameday contained a few goodies. Must involving burnt couches.

--- Hey look! It's more video of UC beating up on Miami with bells ringing in the background. This time from 2008.

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