Bearcats Breakfast 9.6.11

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Brief Tuesday morning Breakfast before I head out to practice and the Tennessee week media lunch. I'll have plenty of news and notes this afternoon.

Let's eat...

--- Kenbrell Thompkins story will
be well-documented this week. If you know his history, you understand why. He originally committed to Tennessee out of El Camino JC. When Lane Kiffin left, so did Thompkins. He ended up at UC.

Bill Koch told the story today in The Enquirer. Mike McKnight in Sports Illustrated wrote about the relationship between Thompkins, UT QB Matt Simms and Kiffin in this piece last August.

Read those, know Thompkins' story. While its the biggest storyline this week, you won't hear much more about it here because I'm not going to shove it down your throat.

--- Butch Jones blog with some pregame footage from Saturday at The Grid and UC behind the scenes prior to kickoff. (Caution: If you believe the Black Eyed Peas are Satan's secret autotuned missionaries, hit mute button now)

--- Reading the spin of Tennessee newspapers toward the Vols is a fun sport. Take this sentence for example attempting to justify Tennessee's defensive effort that allowed 338 yards of offense to FCS Montana:

The Vols faced an up-tempo spread offense in their season-opening win against Montana and allowed 184 yards aside from an 80-yard touchdown pass and an 82-yard fourth-quarter touchdown drive against UT's second team.

Yep, outside of that complete malfunction of giving up an 80-yard bomb and our 2nd-team SEC defense not being able to stop a bunch of Montana guys without FBS scholarships, we only gave up 184 yards in three quarters.

And outside of the time I decided to break up with Brooklyn Decker and stop returning the calls of Chrissy Teigen, I've always made sound dating decisions.

(Hint: In case you are blind and can't see my sketch face on the blog and someone is reading this to you, there is no way that last example could ever be true)

Anyway, Derek Dooley is concerned about UC's offense.

--- The pressure defensively will fall
on the DBs this week. The Vols only ran for 83 yards through the first three quarters and relied on sophomore QB Tyler Bray (17 of 24 for 293 yards). Sophomore WRs Da'Rick Rogers and Justin Hunter both went for over 100 yards.

It brings up one of the defining questions of the season: How much better is the Bearcats passing defense? We're about to find out.

--- Keep an eye on what's
happening right now with Texas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Oklahoma said it will make a decision on its athletics conference future within three weeks. If they choose to bolt the unstable Big 12 for the Pac 12, the Big East may make its move to stay alive. Pete Thamel of the New York Times reports the BE has reached out to Kansas, Kansas State and Mizzou. The could be a major breath of life for conference's chances of avoiding disruption should the college football walls start collapsing around them.

Some randomness...

--- How bad do a team's uniforms for them to be trending on Twitter? This bad.

--- Having lived in Key West
and witnessed the crack Key West police force saunter around town on their bikes taking money under the table from bars and allowing complete anarchy to occur every Saturday night, I can't say I'm surprised that a cop tasered himself.

--- Reason No. 8,332 why I am never going to the Philippines: 21-foot, 2,370-pound crocodile. (It's right after Reason No. 8,331: More Manny Pacquiao  smartphone commercials)

--- I wonder if the Orioles will ever not be a joke?

--- After enjoying the Temple of the Dog reunion from this weekend, I am going for some other underplayed hits of the 90s. Of the same ilk I place early Stone Temple Pilots. I was a huge fan of their Unplugged on MTV. Big Empty can be slightly indiscernible at times, but really brings to life some of the great creativity of STP. 

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