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I was prepared to let this conference prostitution ring run its course without commenting until I heard Syracuse, a charter member of the Big East, was jumping ship to the ACC. In the words of that great scholar Popeye (okay he was a cartoon character but so are some of the conference leaders) "That's all I can stands cause I can't stands no more!"

What's wrong with a conference that has the best basketball in the country, typically netting 8 or more teams in the NCAA March Madness party? A conference that has an automatic BCS bid for the winner in football, which means you could end up playing for a national championship? And a conference with plenty of media exposure which translates into healthy TV revenue deals? I must be missing something because the ACC is not head and shoulders above the Big East even with Duke and North Carolina basketball.

This conference merging, jumping and Baltimore Colt in the night defecting has got to stop! So here is my suggestion: let's have one big conference and call it what it is, the CA$H Conference because that's all that matters. To all of you I've debated with over the years about the athletes right to leave early and go pro do you now see why I side with the players? Where in all of this is the student athlete gaining a higher education or better support? Nowhere; but the presidents and conference talking heads are sure having one heck of a time. When isn't the Big 12 enough? The Big East not big or the Big Ten a nine? It's a joke to me to hear University presidents tout education for athletes and the need for them to stay in school when all the while the athletes are learning the most valuable lesson of all: money talks and the rest waits on the Mega Bus. What is evolving is a super power and everyone else good luck getting on TV.

So the next time a player leaves early I hope he references his university and says after watching the school reposition itself for more exposure and profit, I decided to follow suit and turn pro; I think it's in the best interest of everyone involved including my alma mater. 

One thing is clear a super conference is inevitable. The Big 12 thought they had one but they don't. The Big Ten, even adding Penn State, thought they had one but no way. The ACC and Pac 10 were satisfied with their piece of the pie but somewhere, someone decided big wasn't enough. As the new TV commercial touts in presenting their Bigger than most big screens TV, it's Magnormous! and that's what everyone is after. What they're not after is making sure kids graduate, get quality support after they play and rest on those laurels; because it's hard to negotiate TV deals with those poker chips.

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat

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