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Sorry to disappoint the consistent Breakfast patrons, but the blog is taking a road trip this weekend to lovely Asheville, NC for a Ohio U. reunion with a wedding somewhere in the middle of it.

I'll be back to break down all things Miami next week and fill all your bye week needs.

Until then, here are four statistics the Bearcats need to achieve in order to return The Victory Bell to Clifton for the sixth consecutive year.

1. Five sacks. Seems to be a nice little number the Cats have been able to achieve lately. They got to NC State's Mike Glennon six times and knocked down Akron QBs three times in the first half of that blowout. Considering that Miami has shown more propensity to close down its Old Navy stores than establish a running game, chasing Zac Dysert will mean chasing the RedHawks fans back to their sorority houses early.

2. Double-digit, first-half lead.
UC has made a habit of putting teams away early this year. Consider they have led 114-7 at halftime of their three wins this year. UC knows how to crush any concept of an upset. Doing so against a RedHawks team without a win will assure a second half of Munchie Legaux handing off to Jameel Poteat.

3. Run for 175.
The Bearcats are at their best when they establish the rush. The Redhawks are allowed 4.3 yards per rush (83rd nationally) and been susceptible to big gainers. Know of anybody for UC who owns a propensity to break big runs? If all goes well, Pead may take the second half of this game off. Rushing for 175 yards under Jones has been the demarcation of success to this point. They are 6-0 when doing so and 1-9 when not passing that mark.

4. All aboard the Turnover Margin Express. UC is tied for the national lead in turnover margin and has been as opportunistic as any Cincinnati unit in history to this point. Dysert has already thrown four picks this year. The opportunity for more will be available, a plus-3 turnover margin will all but assure 4-1.

Enjoy Oxford and the traffic jam on 27 everybody. We'll see you next week.

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