The six degrees of Treadwell

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This just struck me as I mentally prepared for the latest version of the Victory Bell game between UC and Miami. Current Redhawks coach Don Treadwell has more connections to both sides of this game than most.

It starts in 1994, the first of my 14 years on the radio crew.  Don Treadwell was a 34-year-old wide receivers coach on Rick Minter's staff.  I'll remember that UC/Miami game forever because it was my first one and because of the lousy way it ended, a 17-17 tie.

After back-to-back losses at Indiana and at Nippert to Syracuse, the 0-2 Bearcats looked like they had secured a dramatic win as the legendary Jon Bacon connected on his only UC field goal--a 58-yarder--to put UC up 17-14.

Miami got the ball back on the kickoff with seven seconds left.  Somehow, through the lack of dexterity of their late timer, Elden Wyckoff, the Redhawks were able to roll wide right, then throw clear across the field complete to a receiver who caught it and ran out of bounds.

That conveniently left :01 on the clock and Miami's Chad Seitz kicked a field goal to spoil the party for the Bearcats.

Treadwell was on the UC side that day. The previous year, he was a Miami assistant and before that he played for the (then Redskins) in the early 80s.
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(Courtesy Miami University--dig the hair)

Where do you want to start? Treadwell's coaching web is a tangled one.

Between 1986 and 1991, Treadwell was an assistant at Youngstown State under Jim Tressel.
Many don't know that former UC athletic director Rick Taylor was in favor of hiring "Sweater Vest" here until then-President Dr. Joe Steger interceded on behalf of Rick Minter.  Theoretically, Treadwell could have worked for the Bearcats prior to Minter.

As it worked out, he lasted one year and then returned on Mark Dantonio's staff. Both were with the Penguins on Tressel's staff.

Treadwell also worked at NC State, who just got their rear ends handed to them by the Bearcats. NC State's offensive coordinator is Dana Bible.  Bible and Treadwell were both on Rick Minter's first UC staff.

Working with Treadwell in that first year at UC was John Harbaugh.  Harbaugh was tight ends and special teams coach here before making a name for himself with the Eagles and then getting the Ravens job.  Brad Jackson was a redshirt freshman defensive back on that 1994 team, who eventually wound up playing for the Ravens.  The Ravens also feature former UC standout Haruki Nakamura who was a Bearcat during Treadwell's second stint at UC.

Also on staff in '94 with Treadwell was strength coach Mickey Marotti.  Marotti eventually left for Notre Dame which hired Brian Kelly away from UC.  But, before Kelly left, Marotti had already left for Florida to work with Urban Meyer.  Urban Meyer is a former UC defensive back who throttled his old team--minus Kelly--at the Orange Bowl.

Back to Treadwell's second stint at UC.  While he served as the offensive coordinator (yawn), Pat Narduzzi was the Bearcat defensive coordinator.  Like Treadwell, Narduzzi had previously been a Miami coach.  In 2006, when Mark Dantonio left for Michigan State, Narduzzi was named UC's interim coach.  Had he been hired over Brian Kelly, this game could've been Narduzzi vs. Treadwell. 

Instead, Brian Kelly was hired from Central Michigan, Narduzzi and Treadwell went to Michigan State and current UC coach Butch Jones was promoted at Central Michigan.

When Jones took the UC job, Central Michigan hired Dan Enos from Mark Dantonio's staff at Michigan State. Enos was also quarterback coach here, where he coached Gino Guidugli for one season.

Guidugli is on Central Michigan's staff as an offensive assistant. He played for both Dantonio and Rick Minter, who hired Don Treadwell.

Well, in college football circles, this could go on and on. So, here's a few thoughts on the game.

  1. UC can't be too cocky over the NC State win, because Miami does recruit some talented players and a win over UC would be the pinnacle of their season.  Beyond beating UC, there's not much to pull for in Oxford until the hockey team skates into Goggin Arena.
  2. The worse feeling in the world is watching the opponent come over and steal your Victory Bell if you have it and lose it.  For the sake of keeping the trophy case at the Lindner Center full, the Bearcats best be prepared to play.
  3. Zac Dysert can throw the ball some.  Both Tennessee and NC State threw for major yards on UC's secondary. The Bearcats still need to tighten the coverage up back there.
  4. If you're going to sit in traffic on Route 27, you might as well get a win out of it.  There's really not much to do in between Oxford and Mount Rumpke. Any route that includes some place called "Millville" is routinely dull as dirt.

Hope for some sunshine and enjoy the scenery in Oxford, some of it is downright pretty this time of year.

The leaves ain't bad either....

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