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It's official and the deal is sealed, Whit Babcock is the new athletic director for the University of Cincinnati. He and is 3 pronged approach: 1) Commitment to comprehensive excellence 2) Preparing student-athletes for life and 3) Engage our community will take center stage in the midst of the conference dice game currently underway.

One of the positives that I hope his hire yields is the working knowledge he has of the Big 12 and their (potential) conference plans going forward. It can't hurt that he at least had some surface knowledge and clear insight as to Missouri's intentions. With all the uncertainty its like we added a piece to the puzzle other Big East schools don't have.

Whit's community piece is a great indicator that he realizes Cincinnatians know their value and their impact. Getting on the wrong side of this city has caused many an early grave to be utilized before its time. 

When President Williams (welcome my my new Kappa Brother!) introduced him, one of the attributes he mentioned was great fundraising success and no matter what league the Bearcats land in that will be a key component. And the key to his fundraising success will be our unique community; learn it, respect it and the most critical piece accept it. Cincinnati is different and that's okay with them. They'll be okay with you, if you get Whit their program and merge it with yours.

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat.

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