Bearcats Breakfast 11.16.11

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Great day of news gathering at the media luncheon on Tuesday. The storylines and stakes are on the rise as the season took a wild turn this weekend.

There is Benton "Munchie" Legaux and his toothless nickname. Joe Kay of the AP churned out a strong tome on him. Read it here.

There is, of course, the sad story of Zach Collaros and a regular season curtailed far too soon. I wrote about that yesterday.

All I keep thinking about with the ZC injury -- and it makes me feel worse and worse -- is all the times after every loss last season Collaros stood up and took the blame. Each one crushed him. He never turned down an interview. He never backed away from covering up for what were many other people's mistakes.

He suffered through all of that last year to guide this team back to the point it is at now. Then to have the shining moment he worked so hard for stolen from him still makes me sick to my stomach. Yes, he's in great spirits. And yes, he's going to do everything he can to help this team. But there is only so much he can do. Seeing him on crutches yesterday returned that punch to the gut feeling of seeing the cart driven on to the field Saturday.

He's was a great football player here, but a much better person. He'll be successful in whatever he does in life, but of everyone, he deserved most the feeling of leading this team to a Big East title. He would have cherished it more than anyone.

Sad story. But hopefully Munchie and company can deliver a happy ending.

Let's eat....

--- While we're on storylines
, of course, there is the matter of Rutgers, the top opponent left on a three-game stretch to a Big East championship. A team playing with confidence and finding a way to win games -- sounds familiar.

--- While standing in the hallway outside the press conference room waiting for a few players to stroll by, the elevator slides open to find Isaiah Pead, a camera, boom mic and producer. Pead was giving one of the Campus Tour's for ESPNU.

Needless to say to anybody who has spoken with the enigmatic senior running back, he was perfect for guided tour of the UC football facilities.

"They said to just have fun," he said. "Make it kind of like MTV Cribs. I have seen that show a couple times."

Pead smiled like a guy who watches the Cribs Season 2 DVD Outtakes once a week.

Of course, he couldn't let us media types get away without having a little fun. He stole my recorder from me and flipped the interview script around to the other side. With the cameras rolling, you have to play along. I'll only say I was about as entertaining and engaging as a hat rack. If I make the show, ESPNU should probably draft a statement that they've reached a new low.

Word from UC's crack SID staff was the piece will air sometime next week. So keep an eye out of that.

Pead wasn't done delivering the goods, though.

Once the Cribs cameras went away, he went on to talk about how he was the person to host Munchie Legaux on his campus visit almost two years ago. It went so well Legaux decommitted from Colorado and signed with UC.

According to Pead, he's the best recruiter the Bearcats have. Step aside Kerry Coombs.

"Me, not to toot my own horn, but I have a good record of pulling recruits," he said. "I am 5-1."

His resume includes Legaux, Maalik Bomar, Jameel Poteat, Kenbrell Thompkins, Romel Dismuke (now at Buffalo). The lone miss? Andre Givens, of Pittsburgh.

"He was actually already committed to Pitt," Pead said. "I don't think that should count."

It does. Still, 5-1 is pretty strong. With Zach Collaros as coach and Isaiah Pead as head recruiter, this program might have its future staff in place.

---  Great to see that
Scott Van Pelt not only was talking about Munchie Legaux on his ESPN radio show Tuesday, he changed his Twitter avatar to a picture of UC's new quarterback.

It will only take a few wins to make him a household name, only because the name is so memorable.

--- Yesterday during the
press conference Jones addressed a question about being aggressive on the final drive instead of settling for a field goal. He pointed out UC did in fact take shots into the end zone before attempting the 31-yarder.

For those of you complaining about a lack of aggression, that wasn't necessarily the case.

Actually, two plays prior to the field goal attempt, we had a play for the end zone," Jones said. "It was a wheel route to Isaiah and he was wide open. We didn't execute the play. We took a crack in the end zone and we felt had a great play called on the third down play, and we had a fundamental breakdown. When you look at the film, every play is designed to score, we just didn't execute it. That's the thing is that the game is played by human beings and not robots. We can get out and draw the plays to be successful but we have to execute them.  We had some great play calls. We just didn't execute them."

--- Three injury updates
came from Jones. Linebackers Maalik Bomar and Nick Temple should be back while TE Travis Kelce is questionable for Saturday's game at Rutgers.

--- Dan Hoard writes
about the role of the backup quarterback being a familiar storyline for the Bearcats. This is the sixth consecutive season the backup started at least one game.

In games where the backup was forced to play because the starter was out of the game, he calculates UC's record as 11-1.

You're up, Munchie.

--- Reports surfaced yesterday that BYU is seriously considering joining the Big East in an East/West format. I think I'll pass out if I have to jump into conference expansion again. So, we'll leave it at that for now.

--- If you were looking for the theme from last night's basketball victory over Jacksonville State, you can read my postgame column here. That was pretty much all that was talked about. There was little optimism, there was little joking. Among other things, that's why I didn't bother with The Morning After. The column sums it up.

Oh, and Yancy Gates dribbled down the court, slipped the ball behind his back and buried a 3-pointer at the buzzer. My favorite part, all the while, Dion Dixon, who was on fire from 3-point range all half, yelled for the ball behind him.

Yancy had no intention of passing that ball. It was showtime and he knew it.


--- I am in a better place now over the midseason killing of Community. I think I've reached the level of acceptance. Here's a blog explaining what the show did wrong.

--- I think the story probably took its first wrong turn at, "so, I decided to domesticate a hippo..."

--- Before you complain about only beating Jacksonville State by 14, think about the fact UCLA lost to Middle Tennessee Los Angeles.

--- Sports signs
should be held to a creative accountability. Just because you can make Hotto rhyme with Votto doesn't mean you should display it for 42,000 to see.

Here are the top 25 sports signs of the 2011.

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I have a beef with your top 25 signs link. They aren't real. If you look at the Boise not being a state sign, it's 2 different hands holding the sign, and the hands are backwards.