Bearcats Breakfast 11.29.11

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Brief Breakfast prior to the Tuesday luncheon. As always, following me on Twitter (@pauldehnerjr) to keep up with any news that comes out of the interviews as UC approaches UConn and the game for at least a share of the Big East title.

Also, great news here at the blog. The Inside the Bearcats Podcast will be launching this week. That's right, I will be taking about 30 minutes each week bringing in a different guest to talk about whatever topics circulating around UC. And, of course, mustaches. And buffets. And Seinfeld.

Also, I'll have interviews from players, coaches and more to hear the quotes from the inside. You can even listen live and call in or just play it archived and posted right here on the blog.

This week, I'll be talking with Dan Hoard as we discuss UC football, rank the best Isaiah Pead moments and whatever else the conversation turns to (Hoard posted this blog today about Pead returning punts). Should hopefully be entertaining and a unique spot to find informed people discussing the program you are so passionate about.

Hopefully you enjoy it. If so, spread the word. I think it will be one of the few venues to hear UC discussed as the only topic of the day in this type of setting. Sure, you get conversations before, during and after games and the weekly coaches shows, but this type of laid back, conversational venue rarely revolves around UC -- or facial hair -- in this city. Here it will.

Let's eat...

--- I was completely remiss in not mentioning the play of former UC star and one-time mustachioed American Connor Barwin yesterday. The Texans OLB notched four sacks in Houston's win at Jacksonville on Sunday to set a new franchise record. He now owns 8.5 sacks on the season, 6.5 coming in the last three weeks.

Oh, by the way, his Texans have won five in a row on the back of a Top-5 defense. Oh, also by the way, they will be coming to Paul Brown Stadium a week from Sunday.

Needless to say, plenty of good seats still available.

Barwin was on the Scott Van Pelt Show yesterday and will grace Jim Rome (12-3, 1360 AM) this afternoon. He'll be on SportsCenter at 3:40. He's a favorite around here because he's such a great interview and person, couldn't be happier to see his bounceback from last year's injury.

--- Butch Jones has been pushing
hard on Twitter to create a sell out for the final game of the season at Nippert. I've said it before, for all this group of seniors have done for this program and names like Pead, Wolfe, Schaffer, Collaros and Woods bidding adieu, it would be a shame if it wasn't a packed house. Plus, you can get tickets for just $20. (Just enter THANKS as the code to get $52.50 tix for more than half off)

And remember, it's a blackout. So play Johnny Cash all morning and head to the game.

--- Andrea Adelson writes how the conference turned on a broken ankle this season.

--- More from AA as the
Liberty Bowl in Memphis has come into play as a possible landing spot for UC.

--- It's taken two players
to replace Collaros, from Bill Koch.

--- Speaking of bounceback, UC takes on Miami tonight at Fifth Third. You know what that means, the return of fun time with Charlie Coles. There is no better postgame interview than Coles in college basketball. I firmly stand behind that statement. Becoming the RedHawks beat writer would be worth it for Charlie access alone.

Of course, his most famous recent gem came after John Wall hit a game-winner against Miami two years ago and a reporter asked him how the game got away from him.

Last year following the UC game, he broke out a classic final two minutes (video courtesy BearcatLair, jump to nine-minute mark) including pointing to one of his SID assistants and saying, "Does this guy work for us? I thought he did. Because I didn't recognize him at first when he said 'OK, let's wrap it up.' We ain't wrapping it up until I wrap it up. I am running this."

Anyway, I will have the full Charlie transcript and hopefully some video up for you tonight.

--- Much in the same respect you were warned about Marshall, better believe beating Miami will be no walk in the park. Ask Xavier. They will force a grind-it-out game and UC will need to find ways to convert in the halfcourt offense. Coles' teams play a tough brand of basketball.

While fans may want to see a blowout from UC to show they are recovering from Friday's loss, anything ending in a victory will be a quality win tonight.

--- Some interesting comments regarding projections of the season from Yancy Gates during yesterday's media availability. To be honest, I don't really know what to make of this. I asked Gates something similar following the loss to Presbyterian and he said he didn't assume UC would cruise through these games. I don't know if this is a strong connection with reality or a guy who didn't possess enough confidence in his team. Anyway, you read and decipher for yourself.

--- Octavius Ellis injured his hand and will miss 4-6 weeks, according to our guy Chad Brendel at BearcatLair. That opens the possibility of gaining a medical redshirt for OE. He's played in less than 20 percent of the games, which leaves him eligible.

Cronin said the reason he didn't redshirt Ellis in the first place was because he would get so much better competing every day in practice he could help by the end of the season. This would definitely challenge that line of logic. Stay tuned.

--- The Crosstown Shootout lurks a
week from Saturday. And Xavier looks more than ready.

--- Randomness...

--- Sad to hear the Southgate House
is closing its doors after New Year's Eve. Loved that venue for music and post-Reds game merriment.

--- Gift ideas for your favorite nerdy friend.

--- Over the years, many people have told me to take my newspaper story and shove it in my mouth, among other places. Apparently, now eating it might not be quite as unhealthy.

--- The interwebs can be a scary place, be careful.

--- The NBA should learn after this 66-game season that they needed a shorter season all along. Regular season games will mean a bit more which should make for a few watchable contests. Still, free agency starting Dec. 3 will be the most interesting thing to happen in the NBA until March. Chris Paul to the Knicks, please.

--- C'mon Akron. I would say you're better than that, but judging by finishing as the worst team in the country by the BCS standings, it's clear you're not.

--- Get the Dub made a triumphant return Saturday. Plus, Butch Jones goes with the Wipe Me Down dance move. I really can't get enough of this development.

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